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  1. Largest country (in area):----       Russia.
  2. Largest country (in population):----      China.
  3. Largest continent:----      Asia.
  4. Smallest continent:----     Australia.
  5. Longest mountain:----      Andes CS America.
  6. Highest mountain:----      Himalayas.
  7. Highest mountain:----    mount Everest(Nepal)- 8848 m.
  8. Largest desert:----      Sahara, Africa.
  9. Longest river:----     Nile (6690 km).
  10. Largest basin:----     Amazon.
  11. Largest gorge:----     Grand canyon,on the Colorado river,USA.
  12. Highest waterfall:----     Salto Angel Falls(Venezuela).
  13. Largest delta:----     Sundarbans,India.
  14. Longest gulf:----     Gulf of Mexico.
  15. Largest island:----      Greenland.(rename Kallaalit nunaat).
  16. Largest bay:----     Hudson bay. Canada.
  17. Largest peninsula:----     Arabia.
  18. Largest volcano:----     Mauna loa (Hawaii islands).
  19. Largest sea:----     Mediterranean.
  20. Deepest and Biggest ocean:----     The pacific.
  21. Deepest lake:----     Baikal (Siberia).
  22. Highest lake:----     Titicaca (Bolivia).
  23. Largest lake (fresh water):----     Lake Superior,USA.
  24. Largest lake (artificial):----      Lake Mead (Bouler).
  25. World's Rainiest spot:----      Cherrapunji (Mawsynram).
  26. Largest port:----      Port of New York and New Jersey (USA).
  27. Biggest port:----      Rotterdam (The Netherland).
  28. Largest airport:----       King Fahd International airport, Dommam, Saudi arabia (by area).
  29. Highest airport:----      Daocheng Yading Airport, Garzi, Tibet (china).
  30. Longest airliner:----      Boeing 747-8.
  31. Biggest airliner:----      Rotterdam( the Netherlands).
  32. Highest dam:----      Nured Dam, river vakhsh ,Tajikistan.
  33. Longest dam:----      Hirakud dam (Odisha), India.
  34. Highest (straight) dam:----       Bhakra dam.
  35. Largest (concreate) dam:----      Grand coulee dam(dam),USA
  36. Longest canal:----     Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.
  37. Most intelligent animal:----    Chimpanzee.
  38. Wingless bird:----     Kiwi.
  39. Largest bird:----     Ostrich.
  40. Smallest bird:----     Humming bird.
  41. Largest park:----     National park, Greenland.
  42. Longest railway:----      Trans-Siberian railway.
  43. Longest railway platform:----      Gorakhpur, India.
  44. Largest railway platform:----     Grand Central Terminal ,New york (USA).
  45. Longest and Largest tunnel:----      Le Rove Tunnel (South of France).
  46. Longest tunnel railway:----      Seikan Rail Tunnel (japan).
  47. Longest bridge:----      Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge.(Beijing shanghai high-speed railway).
  48. Tallest building:----     Burj Khalifa, Dubai (828 m).
  49. Tallest Minar free-standing:----       Qutub Minar, Delhi (238 ft).
  50. Tallest statue:----     Spring temple buddha.china.
  51. Tallest tower:----      Tokyo sky free, Tokyo (japan).
  52. Largest mosque:----      Masjid at Haram (mecca).
  53. Largest temple:----     Angkor Vat.(Cambodia).
  54. Longest charge:----      Basilica of st peter, Vatican city, Rome (Italy).
  55. Biggest museum:----        Smithsonian institutions, Washington DC.
  56. Coldest place:----       Verkhoyansk (Siberia) Temperature 85 degree C.
  57. Hottest place:----       AL-Aziziyah (Libya, Africa) 136 degree F.
  58. Driest place:----      Death valley (california).
  59. Largest stadium:----      Strahov Stadium in Prague (the Czech republic).
  60. Longest wall:----      Great Wall of china.
  61. Highest capital city:----      La Paz (Bolivia).
  62. Highest city:----      Wen Chuan (Tibet, china).
  63. Largest city(population):----       Tokyo.
  64. Biggest city(in area):----      Mount Isa,australia.
  65. Longest day:----      21st June (in northern hemisphere).
  66. Shortest day:----      22nd December (in southern hemisphere).
  67. Hardest substance:----      Diamond.
  68. Lightest metal:----     Lithium.
  69. Largest diamond:----     The Cullinan (over 1.5 lb).
  70. Largest diamond mine:----      Orpa diamond mine (Botswana).
  71. Highest melting point:----     Tungsten, 34100 degree C.
  72. Lightest gas:----     Hydrogen.

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