world's longest highest largest biggest tallest oldest things in world

world’s longest highest largest biggest tallest oldest things in world

world’s longest highest largest biggest tallest oldest things in world list here —

  1. Largest country (in area):—-       Russia.
  2. Largest country (in population):—-      China.
  3. Largest continent:—-      Asia.
  4. Smallest continent:—-     Australia.
  5. Longest mountain:—-      Andes CS America.
  6. Highest mountain:—-      Himalayas.
  7. Highest mountain:—-    mount Everest(Nepal)- 8848 m.
  8. Largest desert:—-      Sahara, Africa.
  9. Longest river:—-     Nile (6690 km).
  10. Largest basin:—-     Amazon.
  11. Largest gorge:—-     Grand canyon,on the Colorado river,USA.
  12. Highest waterfall:—-     Salto Angel Falls(Venezuela).
  13. Largest delta:—-     Sundarbans,India.
  14. Longest gulf:—-     Gulf of Mexico.
  15. Largest island:—-      Greenland.(rename Kallaalit nunaat).
  16. Largest bay:—-     Hudson bay. Canada.
  17. Largest peninsula:—-     Arabia.
  18. Largest volcano:—-     Mauna loa (Hawaii islands).
  19. Largest sea:—-     Mediterranean.
  20. Deepest and Biggest ocean:—-     The pacific.
  21. Deepest lake:—-     Baikal (Siberia).
  22. Highest lake:—-     Titicaca (Bolivia).
  23. Largest lake (fresh water):—-     Lake Superior,USA.
  24. Largest lake (artificial):—-      Lake Mead (Bouler).
  25. World’s Rainiest spot:—-      Cherrapunji (Mawsynram).
  26. Largest port:—-      Port of New York and New Jersey (USA).
  27. Biggest port:—-      Rotterdam (The Netherland).
  28. Largest airport:—-       King Fahd International airport, Dommam, Saudi arabia (by area).
  29. Highest airport:—-      Daocheng Yading Airport, Garzi, Tibet (china).
  30. Longest airliner:—-      Boeing 747-8.
  31. Biggest airliner:—-      Rotterdam( the Netherlands).
  32. Highest dam:—-      Nured Dam, river vakhsh ,Tajikistan.
  33. Longest dam:—-      Hirakud dam (Odisha), India.
  34. Highest (straight) dam:—-       Bhakra dam.
  35. Largest (concreate) dam:—-      Grand coulee dam(dam),USA
  36. Longest canal:—-     Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.
  37. Most intelligent animal:—-    Chimpanzee.
  38. Wingless bird:—-     Kiwi.
  39. Largest bird:—-     Ostrich.
  40. Smallest bird:—-     Humming bird.
  41. Largest park:—-     National park, Greenland.
  42. Longest railway:—-      Trans-Siberian railway.
  43. Longest railway platform:—-      Gorakhpur, India.
  44. Largest railway platform:—-     Grand Central Terminal ,New york (USA).
  45. Longest and Largest tunnel:—-      Le Rove Tunnel (South of France).
  46. Longest tunnel railway:—-      Seikan Rail Tunnel (japan).
  47. Longest bridge:—-      Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge.(Beijing shanghai high-speed railway).
  48. Tallest building:—-     Burj Khalifa, Dubai (828 m).
  49. Tallest Minar free-standing:—-       Qutub Minar, Delhi (238 ft).
  50. Tallest statue:—-     Spring temple buddha.china.
  51. Tallest tower:—-      Tokyo sky free, Tokyo (japan).
  52. Largest mosque:—-      Masjid at Haram (mecca).
  53. Largest temple:—-     Angkor Vat.(Cambodia).
  54. Longest charge:—-      Basilica of st peter, Vatican city, Rome (Italy).
  55. Biggest museum:—-        Smithsonian institutions, Washington DC.
  56. Coldest place:—-       Verkhoyansk (Siberia) Temperature 85 degree C.
  57. Hottest place:—-       AL-Aziziyah (Libya, Africa) 136 degree F.
  58. Driest place:—-      Death valley (california).
  59. Largest stadium:—-      Strahov Stadium in Prague (the Czech republic).
  60. Longest wall:—-      Great Wall of china.
  61. Highest capital city:—-      La Paz (Bolivia).
  62. Highest city:—-      Wen Chuan (Tibet, china).
  63. Largest city(population):—-       Tokyo.
  64. Biggest city(in area):—-      Mount Isa,australia.
  65. Longest day:—-      21st June (in northern hemisphere).
  66. Shortest day:—-      22nd December (in southern hemisphere).
  67. Hardest substance:—-      Diamond.
  68. Lightest metal:—-     Lithium.
  69. Largest diamond:—-     The Cullinan (over 1.5 lb).
  70. Largest diamond mine:—-      Orpa diamond mine (Botswana).
  71. Highest melting point:—-     Tungsten, 34100 degree C.
  72. Lightest gas:—-     Hydrogen.
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