world famous places or famous landmarks in the world important gk

world Famous places,famous landmark of the world

  1. White house :—–     Washington, U.S.A.
  2. Wall Street :—–      New York, U.S.A.
  3. St. Saphia :—–     Istanbul (Constantinopole) , Turkey.
  4. Scotland Yard :—–     London , Britain.
  5. Potala Place :—–     Lhasa , Tibet.
  6. Buckingham Place :—–      London , Britain.
  7. Downing Street :—–      London, Britain.
  8. Kremlin :—–      Moscow, Russia.
  9. Grand Canyon :——     Arizona, U.S.A.
  10. Sphinx :—–      Giza , Egypt.
  11. Purl Harbar :—–     Hawai Islam (land of setting Sum).
  12. Brandenberg Gate :—–     The main entrance of Separating world of east and west Germany.
  13. Red Squree :—–     Premation Ground of Lenin Mosque.
  14. Nankana Sahib :—–      Birth place of gurunanak Sherkhpura district of Pakistan.
  15. Ground House :—–      Residence of German chanselor in Britan.
  16. Blue House :—–     Residence of south carrian precident in soil.
  17. Pentagon :—–     Deffence and administrative Head Quarter of wasington America.
  18. Mardeka pales :—–     Official residence of president in Jakarta.
  19. Gono Vabon :—–     Resident of Bangladeshi p.m house in Dhakha.
  20. Oval Office :——       personal office of America president in white house.
  21. Boosh House :—–      The headquator of B.B.C in London.
  22. Machu Pichu :—–      Anciencity of Inka Civiligation in Peru Included in the Seven Wonder.
  23. Chichen Itza :——      Anciencity of mayan Civiligation inMaxcico Included in the Seven Wonder.
  24. Statue of Redeemer :—–      The statue of Jesus Christ in Riode Jeneis Brazil
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