words related to sports terms for all important exam

words related to sports terms

all words related to sports terms for all competitive exam. below the list -check carefully
  1. Golf :----    Fore some,Stymie,T,Caddy,Putting the green.Nib lic,Put,Tee,Bogey,Put hole,Iron,The green. Bunker.
  2. Bridge :----     Finess,Revoke,Little Slim,Trick,Trump,Dummy,Ruff,Vulnerable,.
  3. Chess :----     Bishop,Checkmate ,Pawn,Knight,King,Resign,Statemate,Rook.
  4. Horse Racing :----    Also run,Jockey,Epsom,Tent Pegging, Punter,Bets,Dead-heat.
  5. Archery/Rifle Shooting :----     Muzzle,Plug, Bulls eye, Marksmanship,Target, Fight,Crossbow shooting.
  6. Billiards and snooker :----     Cannon, Jigger, Bolting,cud,Frame,Shoot and long rest.
  7. Basketball :----    Jump ball, Held ball,Busket ,Guard point, Two Count stop, Shifting Zone, Block, Dribble ,Pivot,dunk,front court, lay up, rebound.
  8. Polo :----     Mallet,Mavet<Chukker,60 Yarder,bunker.
  9. Volley Ball :----    Spiker, booster,Back zone Players, From zone players, Rotation,dribbling,heave,Smash,Antennae,attack hit,service,set up,blocking.
  10. Gymnastics :----     Trampoline,tumbling,pommel horse,vaulting house,roman rings.
  11. Baseball :----    Hitter, diamond,Home,Bunting.
  12. Boxing :----    Kidney punch, knock out, jab, Babbit punch, roman rings.
  13. Wrestling :----   Scisson, head-lock, half nelson, Greco-roman.
  14. Cricket :----    Carrom ball( Ajanta Mendis) ,switch hit (Kevin Pieterson), China man (Paul Adams), China music (Sourav Ganguly).bye, draw,googly,topspin,held ball, pivot,steal.
  15. Hockey :----     Bully, carry, scrap, penalty corner, short corner, striking, circle, post back.
  16. Badminton :----     Deuce, let, drop, love all, loab, let, drive, drop, love.
  17. Lawn Tennis :----     Advantage,ace,dence,volley,foot foult,smash,grand-slam,slice,love, ground stroke, back hand drive.
  18. Swimming :----     Butterfly, crawl, twist, Breast stroke, Spring board.
  19. Rugby Football :----     Lines, scrum, screen.
  20. Table Tennis :----    End line, flat hit, foil, service, penholder grip, reverse, top-spin, couter-hitting, let.
  21. Football :----    Bend dribble, dissent, dummy, feint, free kick, header, red card, throwins.


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