united nation organisation

united nation organisation (uno)

Origin : united nation organisation Charter was signed by 50 members on June 26, 1945. It officially came into existence on October 24, 1945.
UN Charter : The Charter is the Constitution of the UNO and contains its aims and objectives and rules and regulations for its functioning.
Aims and Objectives : They are security, welfare and human right.
Headquarters: New York.
Flag : The flag is light blue in color, and emblazoned in white, in its centre is the UN symbol- a polar map of world embraced by twin olive branches open at the top.
Official Languages : The official languages of the united nation organisation are: English, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Spanish. However, working languages are English & French only.
Secretary General of the U.N.O.

Name Country Tenure :——
Trygve Lie Norway (1946-53)
Dog Hammarsk-joeld Sweden (1953-61)
U. Thant Myanmar (1961-71)
Kurt Waldheim Austria (1972-81)
Javier Perez de Cuellar Peru (1982-91)
Dr. Boutros Ghali Egypt (1992-96)
Kof! Annan Ghana (1997-2006)
Ban Ki-moon South Korea (2007-2016)
Anonio Guterres Portugal (2017 till date)

Main Organs of the UNO : There are six main organs:
General Assembly
Security Council
Economic and Social Council
Trusteeship Council
International Court of Justice, and (6) Secretariat.

General Assembly : It consist of representative of all members of the UN. Each member country has only one vote. It meets once a year and passes UN Budget.
Security Council : It is the Executive body of the UN and is mainly responsible for main-taining international peace and security. It has members, 5 of which (USA, UK, France, Russia and China) are permanent members. The 10 non-permanent members are elected by General Assembly for two-year term and are not eligible for immediate re-election.
Economic and Social Council : It has 54 members elected by General Assembly.
Trusteeship Council: It looks interest of the people in areas not yet independent and leads them towards self-government.
International Court of Justice : It has 15 judges, no two of whom may be nationals of the same state. They are elected by General Assembly and Security Council for a term of 9 years. The Court elects its President and Vice-President for a 3-year term.
Secretariat : It is the Secretariat of the UN and is headed by the Secretary General.

Years Observed by United Organisation

Present Membership : At present 193 Countries are members of the UNO. South Sudan is the latest entrant to this world organization.

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