Indian Railway gk or gk for railway

transport and communication in india

In 1990’s development of infrastructure within the country has progressed at a rapid pace and today there is a wide variety of modes of transport by land,water and air.transport and communication in India gk below…….

 1) Indian Railway :—check it

2) Roadways :—-

For the purpose of maintenance and construction, roads are classified into National Highways. State Highways, District Highways, Village Roads, Border Roads, International Highways.
The present Length of the National Highway In India is Approx 71712 Km. They constitute only 2% of the total Road length and carries nearly 40% of the road traffic.
Below some Important National Highway List :—-
  1. NH 1 :—-    New Delhi-Ambala-Jalandhar-Amritsar.
  2. NH 2 :—-    Delhi- Mathura-Agra-Kanpur-Allahabad-Varanasi-Kolkata.
  3. NH 3 :—-    Agra-Gwalior-Nasik-Mumbai.
  4. NH 4 :—-    Thane and Chennai via Pune and Belgaun.
  5. NH 5 :—-    Kolkata-Chennai.
  6. NH 6 :—-    Kolkata-Dhule.
  7. NH 7 :—-    Varanasi-Kanyakumari.( Longest Highway in India).
  8. NH 8 :—-    Delhi-Mumbai (Via Jaipur-Baroda and Ahmedabad).
  9. NH 9 :—-    Mumbai-Vijaywada.
  10. NH 10 :—   Delhi-Fazilka.
  11. NH 24 :—   Delhi-Lucknow.
  12. NH 26 :—   Lucknow-Varanasi.
  • Maharastra has the maximum length of surfaced roads in india.

3) Waterways :—-

The total length of navigable waterways in India comprising rivers , canel, backwaters, etc, is 14500 km out of witch 3700 km is navigable by mechanized boats.
Ports in India = India has 190 ports in all, with 12 major and the rest intermediate and minor.
Below 12 major Ports list, check it
Eastern Coast Port
  1. Kolkata (oldest port,India’s reverine port having two dock system.
  2. Paradip.
  3. Chennai.
  4. Vishakhapatnam.
  5. Tuticorin.
  6. Ennore.
Western Coast Port
  1. Mumbai.
  2. Kandla.
  3. Marmagao.
  4. New Mangalore Cochin.
  5. Jawaharlal Nehru.

4) Airways :—-  check it 


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