Indian History Top Important Gk Questions

Fundamental Rights Important Gk Questions  1.Which of these is NOT included as a Fundamental Right in the Indian Constitution ? (a) Right to freedom to speech (b) Right to equality before Law (c) Right to constitutional remedies (d) Right to equal wages for equal work Ans.d 2.Which of the following can a court issue for […]

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Indian History Important General Knowledge Questions

Indian History Important General Knowledge Questions   1. History is the study of— (a) Past (b) Society (c) Law (d) Environment Ans. A 2. Who was the first Greek historian? (a) Thucydides (b) Herodotus (c) Manetho (d) Homer [NET/JRF 2005, 2009, 2013) Ans. B 3. Which of the following explicitly states that “History bases all […]

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dynasties in india

dynasties in india timeline indian history gk topics all exam

dynasties in india important indian history gk (dynasties in india  list indian history gk) :— Nanda Empire —- 450 BC – 350 BC. Mauryan Empire —- 322 BC – 185 BC. Chandragupta Maurya —- BC 322 – 297 BC. Bindusara —- 297 BC – 274 BC. Ashoka —- 274 BC – 237 BC. Kushana Empire —- 20 AD […]

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