Solar Systems And general Geography

1. Horse latitudes are:


2. The region lying between tropics of cancer and capricorn is called:


3. An oasis is:


4. Which explorer’s expedition conclusively proved that the earth is spherical in shape?


5. The height of land is expressed in:


6. The period of cycle of solar activity (appearance and disappearance) of sun spots is about….. years.


7. The three main is land groups in the pacific from east to west are:


8. The name for “Lands end” that is the tip of the last land that projects into the sea



9. Had there been equator in place of tropic of cancer in India, the change caused in the climate would be :


10. Which of the following is the largest star?


11. The tropics extend from north to south for….. degrees


12. The southern limit of India (mainland) is:


13. The shortest distance between two places on the globe lies along.


14. . Consider the following diagram and answer the question. Sun Earth Moon the figure indicates:


15. The basic difference between a lake and a tank is:



Which of the following options correctly represents the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively in the following figure of solstices and equinoxes.



The latitude of a place situated on the equator is:



Assertion (A): Days and nights all over the globe except the equator and the poles are of varying lengths at different times of the year. Reason (R): The earth’s axis is oblique and it points in the same direction throughout the year.



The earth rotates… 24 hours.



The Indian standard time is ahead of G.M.T. by:


21. When and where was 180th meridian designated as international Date Line by international meridian conference.


22. Assertion (A) : The method of determining latitude of a palace with the  help of pole  star can not be employed in the southern hemisphere.

Reason (R): There is no star equivalent to pole star in the southern hemisphere.

Both  A And  r are true and R is the  correct explanation of A

Both  A and R are true but R is not correct explation of A

C.A is true  but R is false.

D.A is false but R is true.



23. Halo’ around the sun or moon are produced due to:



24. Assertation (A): It is inferred that life was originated in the ocean.

Reason (R) : Simpler and lower animals are aquatic and the cells and body fluids of all animals conatain salts



25. The Primitive atmosphere of the earth was devoid of free oxygen but rich in:


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