Solar Syastems and General Geography gk 2

Solar Systems and General Geography

1. Sideral means:


2. In Solar System which two planets are on either side of earth?


3. Which planet if it was to brought on the ocean will float?


4. Which planet has the largest equatorial radius?


5. Latitude of a place is determined by:


6. The location of place A is at 60°E longitude and 30°S latitude while the location of B is 60°E longitude and 45°N latitude. Time at B will be:


7. Latitudes refers to:


8. The meaning of longitude is:


9. The interval of 1° latitude measures:


10. There is a continuous day of six months and night of six months beyond.


11. The linear distance of a degree of latitude on an average is:


12. . Longitudes unlike latitudes are not used for measuring distance because:


13. Every….. degree we go eastward local time is… one hour.


14. Which of the following statement is true:

1.The earth rotates 1° in 4 minutes.

Places east of Greenwich see the sun earlie
 Longitudes keep changing with international agreements
At 75° latitude the longitudes are 18 miles.


15. A . place located 74°W of Greenwich will have time:


16. In which country, people will have to adjust their watches maximum times to conform to the time zones.


17. The international date line which is at….. is…..hrs ahead of GMT.


18. . The earth revolves around the sun in an elliptical orbit at a speed of …..per second.


19. A leap year consists of:


20. The earth takes about… complete one rotation.


21. Match the following:


22. . Match the following:

Tropic of cancer (a) 23-°N 1/
Tropic of (6) 23°S Capricorn
Prime Meridian (C) 0° Longitude


23. The first person to say that the earth is sphere was:


24. The lengthiest shadow will be found in:


25. The asteroidal belt lies between:


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