Solar Syastems and General Geography gk 1

Solar Systems and General Geography

1. The term territorial water means:


2. More than half of the world’s population lives in latitudes.


3. Which of the following planets have highest density ?


4. Which of the following pair of factor is responsible for a lag of 52 minutes in two direct tides on the earth’s ocean surface?


5. Which of the following statement regarding earth is correct ?

The earth is satellite in the solar
The earth is an asteroid in the solar
The earth is the 3rd largest body in the solar system being a satellite.
The earth is a planet in the process of being a satellite


6. An ancient star that has collapsed matter so dense that it creates gravitational force so powerful that even light also does not escape. It is called:


7. . If sun dies it will be transformed into a:


8. The sun contains over…..of the total mass of the solar system:



9. . Assertion (A): The earth is also known as watery planet.

Reason (R): The earth is the only planet of the solar system which contains water in abundance.



10. The most important constituent of the sun’s mass is:

Silicon 2. Iron 3. Hydrogen 4. Helium


11. All the planets revolve around the sun in an elliptical orbit in the…..direction.


12. The distance between planets from the sun can be described by:


13. . Each planet tends to be roughly twice as far from the sun as its next sunward neighbour. This is called:


14. When there is winter solstice (Dec 22), which one of the following angle would be formed by the incidence of the sunrays over the tropic of cancer?


15. . Match the following:

(a) Mercury 1. No Atmosphere

(b) Mars     2. River Channel

(C) Jupiter  3. Planet which could have been star

(d) Saturn  4. Rippling bands


16. . Day and night on the surface of the earth are caused by:


17. On…..the sun rises in the west


18. Seasonal changes on the earth surface are caused by:


19. When the earth is at its maximum distance from the sun it is called:


20. Earth can be the best described as a:


21. The planet which takes the longest time to complete one revolution around the sun is:


22. The direction of rotation of the earth on its axis is:


23. . The theories, which suggests that planetary systems form as part of the evolution history of some stars are grouped into:


24. Match the following:

Meteorite theory 1. Jeans and Jeffreys

Supernova Theory 2. Hoyle

Tidal Theory 3. Ottosmidt


25. Match the following theories of the origin of the earth and their proponents:

Nebular Hypo-1. Kant Thesis

Proto Planet   2.Von wizsacker

Planetestimal  3.Chamberlin

Binary Star   4. Russel and Little theory


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