solar system quiz and gk planet at a galance

solar system quiz, gk planet

  • Planets are opaque bodies , which continuously revoice around and are lighted by the Sun.
  • There are eight planets in the solar system.
  • The Sequence of Planets according to their size (in descending order) is Jupiter , Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Earth, Venus, Mars and Mercury.
  • The sequence of planets according ti their distance from the sun is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

Classification of Planets

  1. Inner Planets Include Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars.
  2. Outer Planets Include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Inner Planet :-----  

They are called as Terrestrial or Rock planets. They are nearer to the Sun. They have very few natural satellites (or moons) or no satellites. They have a core of molten metals. They move faster and have a shorter period of revolution.

Outer Planet :-----

They are called as Jovian or Gaseous planets. They are far away from the sun. They have a large number of natural satellites (or moons). They have ring system around the sun. They move rather slowly and have a longer period of revolution.

 Specifics of The Planets

  1. Biggest planet :-----        Jupiter.
  2. Biggest Satellite :-----       Gannymede.
  3. Blue Planet :-----       Earth.
  4. Green Planet :-----       Uranus.
  5. Brightest Planet :-----       Venus.
  6. Brightest star outside Solar System :-----       Sirius (Dog Star).
  7. Closest Star of Solar System :-----        Proxima Centauri.
  8. Coldest Planet :------         Neptune.
  9. Evening Star :-----        Venus.
  10. Fastest revolution in Solar System :-----        Mercury.
  11. Hottest Planet :------         Venus.
  12. Densest Planet :------        Earth.
  13. Fastest rotation in solar system :------       Jupiter.
  14. Morning Star :-----       Venus.
  15. Nearest Planet to Earth :------       Venus.
  16. Nearest Planet to sun :------       Mercury.
  17. Red Planet :------       Mars.
  18. Slowest revolution in solar System :------      Neptune.
  19. Slowest rotation in Solar System :------        Venus.
  20. Smallest Planet :------        Mercury.
  21. Smallest Satellite :------        Deimos.
  22. Earth’s  twin :-----        Venus.
  23. Only satellite with an atmosphere like Earth :------        Titan.

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