Solar Syastems and General Geography gk 3

Solar Syastems and General Geography

1. When the moon is nearest to the earth, it is called to be in:


2. The ocean of tranquillity is located on:


3. Which of the following statment is/are correct?

1.We see only one face of the moon.

2.The moon takes the same time in completing one revolution around the earth and one rotation on its axis

3.The gravitational force on the moon is 6 times less than that of the earth

4.The day and night temperatures vary



4. Which planet experiences a day almost (1.00 and 1.03 day ) of the same duration as that of the earth:



5. Which of the following is a difference between a gulf and a bay ?


6. A narrow creek of land that connects two larger land masses is called:


7. The name given to a widened river….. mouth at the point of a river enters the sea is:


8. A peninsula is:


9. … a triangular landmass that forms at its mouth when a river splits into several branches just before entering the sea.


10. The name “cross roads of the pacific” is given to:


11. . Rapidly rotating stars emitting intense radio waves are called:


12. Sygns X – 1 is a:


13. Which of the following statements can be taken as evidence to show that the Earth is spherical?



14. Solar eclipse takes place when:


15. Which latitude will have longest nights in the southern Hemisphere at the summer solstice?


16. The reclaimed portions of the sea in Netherlands are called:


17. Match the following:

Isoplesths 1. Similar value of particular, pheno menon

Isonomal 2. Continuous value on maps.

Isochrones 3. Equal travel time from a common centre


18. . Match the following:

Isohypes 1. Equal flowing date.

Isophene 2. Equal Seismic activity.

Isoseismal 3. Equal elevation above sea.


19. The points in the heavens that is directly above the observer is:


20. An imaginary belt of 12 constellations or group of star is called:


21. When the sun is shinning vertically over the tropic of cancer.


22. Which of the following is not connected with proof of the earth shape ?

THe shadowe of the earth on moon during eclips
Satellite Photographs.


23. Lunar eclipse means:


24. Insular means an area:


25. Doldrums are:


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