Short Question -Part 2


31.How many generations of computers we have? [IBPS Clerk, 2015]

(a) 6(b) 7  (c) 5 . (d) 4 (e) None of these


32…………….controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by which users can interact with the computer.

[IBPS Clerk, 2015) (a) The operating system (b) The motherboard (c) The platform (d) Application software (e) None of these


  1. Which of the following is NOT a component of the Central Processing Unit of the computer? [IBPS Clerk, 2015)

(a) Universal Serial Bus (b) Uninterrupted Power Supply (c) CU (d) Both A & B (e) None of these


  1. ……………………Is a mechanism by which all the content in a specified storage areas are written as output. [IBPS Clerk, 2015]

(a) Scheduling (b) Logging (C) Chumping (d) Dumping

(e) None of these


  1. VLSI technology is used in generation computers. [IBPS Clerk, 2015]

(a) First  (b) Second (c) Third (d) Fourth (e) None of these


  1. Different types of modern digital computers come under which generation.

[IBPS Clerk, 2015)

(a) Forth (b) Third (c) Second (d) Fifth (0) None of these


  1. What computers are used for fastest type of computer that can perform complex operations at very high speed? [IBPS Clerk, 2015)

(a) Micro (b) Mini (c) Mainframe (d) Super (e) None of these


  1. The operating system does all of the following EXCEPT: [IBPS Clerk, 2015]

(a) provide a way for the user to interact with the computer. (b) enable users to perform a specific task suchas document editing. (c) manage memory and storage (d) manage the central processing unit (CPU) (e) None of these


  1. Which of the following is machine independent program?

[SBI Clerk, 2015)

(a) High level language (b) Low level language (c) Assembly level language (d) Machine language (e) None of these


  1. Transformation of input into output is performed by ?

[SBI Clerk, 2015]

(a) Peripherals (b) Memory (C) Storage (d) CPU (e) None of these


  1. The operating system determines the manner in which all of the following occurs except [IBPS PO, 2015]

(a) user creation of a document (b) user interaction with the processor (c) printer output (d) data displayed on the monitor (e) None of these


  1. CPU Scheduler is also known as

[SSC CGL, 2016]

(a) Job Scheduler (b) Resource Scheduler (c) Short-term Scheduler

(d) Process Scheduler


  1. China now has more of the world’s fastest supercomputers than other countries. Which among the following is a Chinese super computer?

[IBPS PO Mains, 2016]

(a) BlueGene/Q system (b) Cray XC30 C) Shaheen II (d) Fujitsu’s K


  1. Which among the given options is IBM’s Supercomputer? [IBPS PO Mains, 2016) (a) Tihane-2 (b) Sunway Taihu Light (c) Watson (d) Shasra-T

(e) Brain


  1. Which of the following character set supports Japanese and Chinese font?

[IBPS Clerk Mains, 2016)

(a) EBCDIC (b) ASCII (C) BCD (d) EDCBI (e) None of these



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