science inventions and discoveries

science inventions and discoveries

science inventions and discoveries most important list here. Important Discoveries in Physics list here .important inventions and discoveries in physics,list of important discoveries in physics,three most important discoveries in physics,scientific inventions,some important discoveries in physics

Important Discoveries in Physics

Discovery Scientist Year
Atom John Dalton 1808
Law of floatation Archemedes’ 1827
Photography (On paper) W.Fox Talbot 1835
Dynamite Alfred Nobel 1867
X-Ray Roentgen 1895
Radioactivity Henry Becquerel 1896
Electron J.J. Thomson 1897
Radium Madam Curie 1898
Wireless telegram Marconi 1901
Diode Sir J.S. Fleming 1904
Principle of relativity Albert Einstein 1905
Proton Goldstein 1886
Raman effect C.V. Raman 1928
Neutron James Chadwick 1932


some more science inventions and discoveries

Invention Inventor Country Year
Aeroplane Wright brothers USA 1903
Ball-point pen C.Biro Hungary 1938
Barometer E.Torricelli Italy 1644
Bicycle K.Macmillan Scotland 1839
Calculating machine Pascal France 1642
Centrigrade scale A.Celsius France 1742
Diesel engine Rudolf Diesel Germany 1892
Dynamo Michael Faraday England 1831
Electric lamp Thomas Alva Edison USA 1879
Film (With sound) Dr lee do forest USA 1923
Fountain pen L.E. Waterman USA 1884
Jet Engine Sir Frank Whittle England 1937
Lift E.F. Otis USA 1852
Match (safety) J.E. Lundstrom Sweden 1855
Microphone David Hughes USA 1878
Motor Car (Petrol) Karl Benz Germany 1885
Motorcycle Edward Butler England 1884
Printing Press J. Gutenberg Germany 1455
Radio G. Marconi England 1901
Razor (safety) K.G. Gillette USA USA 1895
Refrigerator J. Harrison and A. Catlin Britain 1834
Sewing Machine B. Thimmonnier France 1830
Steam engine (condenser) James Watt Scotland 1765
Stainless Steel Harry Brearley England 1913
Telephone Alexander Graham Bell Scotland 1926
Thermometer Galileo Galilei Italy 1593


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