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1.      Leonardo-da-Vinchi (Italy) :—–        The Last Supper, Mona Lisa, The Virgin of the Rocks, Baptism of Christ.
2.      Henri Matisse (Italy) :—–      The Head of a woman, The Dance.
3.      Michael Angelo(Italy) :——        David Pieta, The portrait of an old man, The last judgement, Tragedy.
4.      Vincent Van Gogh (Holland) :——       Potato eaters, The sunflower, The prison yard, The sunflower, postmen, The prison yard, The landscape of Auvers.
5.      Pablo Picasso (Spain) :——       Guernica, Rose pyramid, Blue pyramid, Mother and Sick child, Mother holding her child, The old Guitarist, The blind mans mill, The Spanish Armada, Breakform.
6.      Sanzio Raphael (Italy) :——       Madonna, Madonna-dela-sadia, Madonna of Sansisto, School of Athens.
7.      Rembrandts :——       Fly into Egypt.
8.      Sandro Bolticelli :——        The birth of Venus.
9.      Nandalal Basu :——        Umar Tapashya, Sidhidata Ganesh, Shiber Bishpan, Dharitri.
10.  Maqbul Fida Hussain :——    Saraswati, Mother Terisa.
11.  Abonindronath Tagore :——        Kalketu, Bharat mata, Sukuntala,Buddho-Sujata, Urdha akashe siddha Dampati.
12.  Rabindranath Tagore :—–       Koch-o-Debjani, Shesh niswas, Abu Hussain.
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