National Monuments and National Emblem

National Monuments and National Emblem country wise

National Monuments of Famous Country

  1. Imperial palace (Tokyo):—-      Japan.
  2. Eiffel Tower (Paris):—-      France.
  3. Greate wall (china):—-      China.
  4. Kremlin (moscow):—-      Russia.
  5. Kinder desk:—-      Denmark.
  6. Leaning Tower of Pisa:—-      Italy.
  7. Pyramid (Giza):—-      Egypt.
  8. Opera House (Sydney):—-      Australia.
  9. Statue of Liberty (New York):—-     USA.
  10. Taj Mahal (Agra):—-     India.

National Emblem of Famous Country

  1. Australia:—-      Kangaroo.
  2. Bangladesh:—-      Water lily.
  3. Belgium:—-     Lion.
  4. Canada:—-     White lily, Maple Leaf.
  5. Chile:—-      Candor and Huemul.
  6. Denmark:—-      Beach.
  7. France:—-     Lily.
  8. Germany:—-     Corn Flower.
  9. India:—-      Ashok Chakra.
  10. Iran:—-      Rose.
  11. Ireland:—-      The Harp.
  12. Israel:—-      Candela Brum.
  13. Italy:—-       White lily.
  14. Japan:—-     Chrysanthemum.
  15. Netherlands:—-      Lion.
  16. New Zealand:—-     Southerm Cross, Kiwi, Fern.
  17. Norway:—-     Lion.
  18. Pakistan:—-     Crescent and Star.
  19. Spain:—-     Eagle.
  20. UK:—-      Rose.
  21. USA:—-      Golden Rod.
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