Ms Power Point Shortcuts Keys

Ms Power Point Shortcuts Keys

Shotcut KeysDescription
F5View the Slide Show
Shift+Ctrl+HomeSelects all text form the cursor to the end of the active text box
Space bar or Click the mouseMoves to next slide or next animation
SStop the show press S again to restart the show
EscEnd the side show
Ctrl+ASelect all items on the page or the active text box
Ctrl+BApplies bold to the select text
Ctrl+DDuplicates the Selected object
Ctrl+FOpens the find dialog box
Ctrl+GOpens the grids and guies dialog box
Ctrl+HOpens the replace dialog box
Ctrl+IApplies Italics to the selected text.
Ctrl+MInsert a New Tab
Ctrl+NOpens a new blank presentations.
Ctrl+OOpens the open dialog box
CTRL+TOpens the font dialog box
Ctrl+UApplies underlining to the selected text Paste
Ctrl+WClose the presentation
Ctrl+YRepeats the last comand entered
HomeMoves cursor to beginnig of current line of text
EndMoves cursor to end of current line of text
Ctrl+HomeMoves cursor in beginning of presentations
Ctrl+EndMoves cursor to end of presentation
Shift+Click each sideSelected more than one slide in a presentation
Shift+ F1Help

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