Misscellaneous Gk Questions 

Introduction The scope of this component of General Awareness is very wide and infinite. To define this section in the shape of definite pattern is an uphil task. Generally, the questions asked from this section are related to the following topics First in world, Superlatives of World, Countries with Capital and Currencies, First in India, Superlatives of India, Major Newspapers and News Agencies, Indian Defence, Awards and Honours, important Dates and Days of the Year, Abbreviations, Books and their Authors, etc.

1.First Olympic Games were held in

(a) 776 BC (b) 798 BCC (C) 876 BC (d) 898 BC


2.The first Indian woman to reach Olympic finals in individual track events was

(a) PT Usha (b) Shiny Abraham (C) Aarti Saha s (d) MD Valsamma

Ans. a

3.Of the following cities, in which city/cities have the Olympic Games been held twice ?

  1. Paris 2. Berlin 3. London 4. Seoul

(a) Only 1 (b) 1 and 2 (c) 3 and 4 (d) 1 and 3


4.Which of the following is a set of five events included in Modern Pentathlon?

(a) Cycling, Skating, Shooting, Gymnastics, Running (b) Judo, Shooting, Swimming, Cycling, Running (C) Horse riding, Fencing, Shooting, Gymnastics, Running (d) Horse riding, Fencing, Shooting, Swimming, Running


5.The five intertwined rings or circles on the Olympic flag made of white (from left to right) are

(a) blue, yellow, black, green and red (b) yellow, red, green, black and blue (C) red, green, black, yellow and blue (d) yellow, green, black, blue and red

Ans. a

6.India won the last Hockey Olympic Gold in?

(a) 2000, Sydney (b) 1996, Atlanta odt (C) 1980, Moscow w od (d) 1972, Munich an

Ans. a

7.Consider the following statements

1Olympics, 2008 will be held in Beijing. 2. Asian Games, 2006 held in Doha (Qatar). Which of these is/are correct?

(a) Only 1 (b) Only 2 (C) Both 1 and 2 (d) None of these


8.To win a Grand-Slam in Tennis, a player has to win

(a) Australian Open, Wimbeldon, French Open, US Open (b) Wimbeldon, French Open, US Open (C) Wimbeldon, French Open, Pegas Czeck Open, US Open (d) Davis Cup, Wimbeldon, French Open

Ans. a

9.What can be the maximum length of a cricket bat ?

(a) 32″ (b) 34″ (d) 38″


10.What is the distance between popping crease and stumps on cricket pitch ?

(a) 24, ft (b) 3 ft (c) 342 ft (d) 4 ft •


11.Which of these international tennis events is played on a grass court ?

(a) US Open (b) French Open (c) Wimbeldon (d) Australian Open


12.Who has taken maximum wickets in one-day internationals ?

(a) Shane Warne (b) Wasim Akram (C) Kapil Dev (d) Muttiah Muralitharan


13.Famous GOLF player Vijay Singh is from which one of the following countries ?

(a) Fiji (b) Mauritius (c) Malaysia el (d) Kenya odata


14.Who among the following became the first Indian to take 16 wickets in a single test match ?

(a) Chetan Sharma (b) Narendra Hirwani (c) Kapil Dev (d) Jesu Patel


15.The headquarters of International Olympic Committee is at

(a) Lausanne (Switzerland) (b) Moscow DES (c) Los Angeles (d) New York


16.The Winter Olympic came into being in

(a) 1912 (b) 1916 (c) 1920 (d) 1924


17.Which Indian batsman made three consecutive centuries in his first three Test matches ?

(a) Vinoo Mankad (b) GR Vishwanath (c) Mohd Azharuddin (d) SM Gavaskar


18.The term ‘Butterfly Stroke’ is associated with

(a) Kabaddi (b) Wrestling (C) Swimming (d) Boxing


19.The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930. Which country hosted the games?

(a) Australia (b) England (C) New Zealand (d) Canada


20.“Chinaman’ refers to Desde San

(a) Chess (b) Cricket (C) Bridge (d) Swimming

Ans. b

21.The term Tee’ is connected with

(a) Polo (b) Golf (c) Bridge (d) Billiards


22.”Gambit’ is the term associated with which of the following games ?

(a) Chess (b) Billiards (c) Carrom (d) Snooker


23.The term ‘double fault is associated with

(a) Baseball  (b) Golf (C) Tennis (d) Bridge


24.Famous player Kevin Peterson belong to doido

(a) Kenya (b) England Homs er (c) Nigeria (d) Namibia


25.Which of these countries won the first World Cup cricket tournament in 1975 ?

(a) England (b) Australia (c) West Indies (d) Pakistan


26.The first Asian Games were held in

(a) China (b) India (C) Pakistan (d) Iran


27.Who is the youngest player to score a century in test cricket ?

(a) Haneef Mohammed (b) Mohd. Azharuddin (c) Mohd Ashraful (d) S Tendulkar


28.The lady to win the Wimbledon title successfully nine times was

(a) Monica Seles (b) Steffi Graf (c) Martina Navratilova (d) Chris Everton can


29.Which of the following is a pair of names of the same game ?

(a) Golf-Polo (b) Billiards-Snooker (C) Volleyball-Squash to (d) Soccer-Football


30.Which of the following combinations, of country and its national games is correct ?

(a) Australia Football (b) Japan Bull Fighting (C) USA Baseball (d) India Cricket Hotdwar

Ans. c

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