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Introduction The scope of this component of General Awareness is very wide and infinite. To define this section in the shape of definite pattern is an uphil task. Generally, the questions asked from this section are related to the following topics First in world, Superlatives of World, Countries with Capital and Currencies, First in India, Superlatives of India, Major Newspapers and News Agencies, Indian Defence, Awards and Honours, important Dates and Days of the Year, Abbreviations, Books and their Authors, etc.

1.The only Indian woman who became President of WHO was

(a) Smt Vijayalakshmi Pandit (b) Smt Kamala Devi Chattopadhyaya (c) Dr. Sushila Nayar (d) Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur


2.Who was Dr Salim Ali?

(a) Sericulturist (b) Geologist (C) Space scientists (d) Ornithologist


3.Ismat Chughtai is associated with which of the following fields?

(a) Literature (b) Science (C) Politics (d) Journalism


4.Which of the following is not associated with vocal music?

(a) Pandit Jasraj (b) Mallikarjun Mansur (c) Kishori Amonkar (d) Shiv Kumar Sharma


5.Who produced the first film in India Raja Harishchandra’ in 1913 ?

(a) Sohrab Modi s (b) Dada Saheb Phalke (C) V Shanta Ram (d) KL Sehgal


6.Folk painting ‘Madhubani’ is famous in

(a) Paschim Benga ! (b) Odisha (c) Bihar (d) Asom

Ans. c

7.The headquarters of UNESCO is in

(a) New York (b) The Hague (c) Paris (d) Moscow


8.Which one of the following is not an official language of the United Nations Organization?

(a) Arabic (b) Russian (c) Chinese (d) German


9.Which of the following countries are members of SAARC ?

(a) India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afganistan (b) India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Mauritius, Burma, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afganistan (c) India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal, Mauritius, Afganistan (d) India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Afganistan


10.India, at present, is not a member of which of the following ?

(a) NAM (b) SAARC (C) WHO (d) UN Security Council


11.Where is the headquarters of Amnesty International ?

(a) New York (b) London (c) Paris (d) Geneva


12.The headquarters of the International Red Cross is situated in

(a) Paris (b) Hague (c) Geneva (d) Vienna


13.Next to Hindi, the language spoken by the largest number of people in the Indian sub-continent is 

(a) Tamil (b) Bengali (c) Telugu (d) Urdu


14.The first electric railway was opened in

(a) 1853 (b) 1885 (c) 1905 (d) 1929


15.The first Indian satellite to go into orbit is

(a) Rohini (b) Bhaskara-I (c) Aryabhatta (d) INSAT-1A

Ans. C

16.Who was the first Indian to receive the Magsaysay award ?

(a) Indira Gandhi (c) Kiran Bedi (d) Vinoba Bhave


17.Nobel Prizes are distributed annually at

(a) Manila (b) Stockholm (c) Geneva (d) New York


18.Who among the following is the first Asian Winner of Nobel prize ?

(a) Mother Teresa (b) Rabindranath Tagore (C) CV Raman (d) None of these


19.BC Roy Award is given in the field of

(a) Journalism (b) Medicine 2017 2015 (C) Music (d) Environment


20.Which monument in India is the memorial to the unknown soldier ?

(a) India Gate (b) Shakti Sthal (c) Victoria Memoral (d) None of these


21.Maximum spoken language in the world is

(a) Hindi (b) English (c) Mandarin (d) Spanish


22.In India, maximum number of newspapers are published in

(a) Hindi (b) Bengali (c) English (d) Malayalam


23.The official language of Lakshadweep, a Union Territory of India is

(a) Tamil (b) Hindi (c) Malayalam (d) Telugu


24.India’s national animal and bird respectively are

(a) Deer and Parrot (b) Lion and Cuckoo (c) Elephant and Eagle (d) Tiger and Peacock


25.The largest automobile manufacturing centre in the world is located at

(a) Detroit (b) Tokyo (C) Birmingham (d) Berlin


26.Kasturba Gandhi Education Scheme is related to

(a) girl education (b) adult education (c) child labour education (d) tribal women (above 18 years)


27.East Timor, the independent nation in the world was earlier ruled by

(a) Indonesia (b) Australia (c) Malaysia (d) Philippines


28.Indian Railways make use of

(a) broad gauge (b) metre gauge (c) narrow gauge (d) All of these 25


29.Indian Railways earn the maximum revenue from

(a) passenger fare (b) freight (c) traffic tax (d) passenger tax


30.Kavach’ is

(a) a new safety equipment designed for the soldiers of Indian Army (b) an anti-collision device to prevent collision between trains designed by the Konkan Railway Corporation (c) a new design for earthquake resistant buildings (d) a new device for the Indian airports for the safe landing of aircrafts


31.From where did India introduce cultivation of tobacco/tapioca/ pineapple?

(a) Pacific Islands (b) Africa (c) South America(d) China


32.Which of the following tree, once very popular in social forestry, is now taken to be environmental hazard ?

(a) Babul (b) Amaltas (c) Neem (d) Eucalyptus


33.The first telegraph line between Calcutta and Agra was opened in…

(a) 1852 (b) 1853 (c) 1854(d)1855


34.The largest postal network in the world is in the……….

(a) USA (b) China (c) India (d) Brazil


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