largest country in the world by area and smallest country in the world by area

largest country in the world by area 

largest countries by area ( 10 Big Countries)

s. no. Country Sq. km (Area) 
1. Russia (Europe-Asia) 17,098,242
2. Canada (N. America) 99,84,670
3. China (Asia) 95,96,961
4. U.S.A (N. America) 93,72,614
5. Brazil (S. America) 85,14,877
6. Australia (S. Pacific) 77,41,220
7. India (Asia) 32,87,263
8. Argentina (Europe-Asia) 27,80,400
9. Kazakhstan (Europe-Asia) 27,24,900
10. Algeria (Africa) 23,81,741

smallest country in the world by area (10 Small Countries)

s. no. Country Area (Sq. km)

1. Vatican City (Europe) 0.44
2. Monaco (Europe) 1.95
3. Nauru (Southern Pacific) 21.10
4. Tuvalu 26.00
5. San Marino (Europe) 61.00
6. Liechtenstein (Europe) 160.00
7. Marshall Island (Central Pacific) 181.00
8. St. Kitts and Nevis (Eastern Caribbean) 261.00
9. Grenada (Eastern Caribbean Sea) 344.00
10. Seychelles (Indian Ocean) 455.00

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