Indias International Awards and Padma Awards in India

Indias International Awards in India

Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize :-----

It was set up in 1995 and awarded by Government of India to encourage and promote Gandhian values worldwide. The award carries rupee 10 million in cash.
First recipient(1995) ----   Julius Nyerere.
Sixth recipient(2000) ----  Nelson Mandela(south africa) and Grameenn bank(bangladesh).
Last recipient(2013) ----   Chandi Prasad Bhatt.

Indira Gandhi Prize :-----

It was instituted in 1986 and awarded by Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust. It is awarded for Peace, disarmament and development.The Prize carries a cash award of 25 lakh Indian rupee.
First recipient(1986) ----   Parliamentarians for global Action.
Last recipient(2014) ----   Indian Space Research Organisation.

Jawaharlal Nehru Award :-----     

It was instituted in 1965 and awarded by Government  of India for international understanding,goodwill and friendship.The award carries 1 crore Indian rupee.
First recipient(1965) ----    U Thant (3rd UN Secretary General).

Last recipient(2009) ----    Angela Markel (Germany's First Female Chancellor)

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Padma awards

There are three Padma awards given on Republic Day (26th January)---  Every years.
This is the second highest National Awards,instituted on 2nd January 1954 by the Government of India.It is the awarded to recognise exceptional and distinguished service to the nation in any field.

Padma Bhushan:----

This is the third largest National awards,instituted on 2nd January,1954 by the Government of India. It is awarded to recognise distinguished service of a high order to the nation, in any field.

Padma Shri:----

This is the fourth highest National awards instituted on 2nd January, 1954 by Government of India. In 1960 Dr MG Ramachandran refused to accept the award as the wordings of the award is an Hindi.It recognises the contribution of Indian citizens (generally) in various spheres of activity including Arts,Education,Industry,Literature,Science,Sports,Social Service and Public life.
note:-- The Padma awards were suspended between 1977 and 1980 as well as between 1992 and 1998.

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