Indian special forces and indian military operation

Indian special forces and indian military operation

Indian special forces and indian military -top 19 operation of india, list here —-

  1. Operation Rahat :—-    Himachal Pradesh and uttarakhand fllod (2013).
  2. Summer Storm :—-      Indian army to flush out pripak millitant from Khybul lamzoo national park at loctak in manipal.
  3. Operation Syclone :—-      Indian army to flush out terrorist from Taj hotel and Oberoy Tridant hotel in Mumbai.
  4. Operation Black Tornado :—-      Indian army to flush out terrorist from Nariman house in Mumbai.
  5. Operation Bajrashakti :—-      Flush out terrorist Akshardham temple in gujrat(2006).
  6. Operation Madat and Operation Sea Waves :—    Indian navy rescue operations in the Andaman and Nicobar islands for sea earthquake the indian Ocean region.
  7. Operation Meghdoot :—-      Idian army flush out pakistani soilders from Siachean.
  8. Operation Golden Bird :—-     Joinly operated indian army and mynmar Arm force to nab ULFA millitant from north-east.
  9. Operation black Gold :—-     Indian army joinly operated with Rajastan Police two nab opium Smugling.
  10. Operation Vijoy :—-      Operation by the Indian army to flush out the Pakistani millitant from the Kargil sector.
  11. Operation Sunshine :—-      Removal of Hawkers from the Kolkata Street.
  12. Operation Blue Star :—-      Army action on the terrorist group in Golden Temple.
  13. Operation Flood :—-     Dairy development programme in india.
  14. Operation Black Board :—-      To remove the illiteracy from india (primary Adult Education).
  15. Operation Shakti :—-     Regarding the Pokhran Blast(1998).
  16. Operation Anaconda :—-      Action taken by the American Army against the Taliban troops in Afghanisthan.
  17. Operation Gentelmam :—-     Action taken by the police and the C.B.I jointly on the match fixing issue.
  18. Operation Rhino :—-      Army action againest the ULFA in Assam.
  19. Operation Cactus Relief :—-     Resque operation by the indian Army against the pakistani soilders in Bangladesh.

Indian defence structure.

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