indian national park list and indian sanctuaries wildlife list

indian sanctuaries and indian national park list

There are 92 indian National Park and 492 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India. Maximum number of National Park situated in Madhya Pradesh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

National Park and Sanctuaries Situated at :-----

  1. Gir Forests :----     Home of Asiatic lion ,in Gujarat.
  2. Kaziranga Sanctuary :----     One horned rhino, In Assam.
  3. Manas Sanctuary :----     One horned rhino, In Assam.
  4. Chandraprabha Sanctuary :----     II home of Asiatic Lion, In UP.
  5. Ghana or Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary :----     In Bharatpur, Rajasthan.
  6. Dachigam Sanctuary :----     For Hangul, In Kashmir.
  7. Corbett National Park :----     In Uttarakhand, Home of Tiger.
  8. Kanha National Park :----     In MP.
  9. Shiv Puri National Park :----    In MP.
  10. Hazaribagh National Park :----    In Jharkhand.
  11. Periyar Game Sanctuary :----     In Kerala.
  12. Dudhwa National Park :-----     In UP.
  13. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary :----     In Tamil Nadu.
  14. Nokrek National Park :----    In Meghalaya.
  15. Sariska Sanctuary :----    In Rajasthan.
  16. Ranthambhor National Park :----    In Rajasthan.
  17. Namdapha National Park :----     In Arunachal Pradesh.
  18. Keibul Lamjo Floating National Park :----    In Manipur.
  19. Palamau Tiger Project :----     Jharkhand.
  20. Simlipal National Park :----     In Odisha.
  21. Ranganthittoo Bird Sanctuary :----     In Mysore, Karnataka.
  22. Nagarhole National Park :----     In Karnataka.
  23. Mudumalai Sanctuary :----    In Tamil Nadu.
  24. Balpakram Sanctuary :----     In Meghalaya.
  25. Bandipur Santuary :----     Along the Karnataka - Tamil nadu Border.
  26. Jaldapara Sanctuary :----     In West Bengal,For rhinos.
  27. Wild Ass Sanctuary :----     In Rang of Kachchh ,Gujarat For wild ass.
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