The Vice-President Important Gk Questions 

1.The Vice-President is the ex-officio Chairman of the

(a) Rajya Sabha (b) Lok Sabha C) Planning Commission (d) National Development Council (SSC Mat. 2008]


2.In case the President whishes to resign, to whom is he to address his resignation letter?

(a) Chief Justice of India (b) Secretary of Lok Sabha (c) Vice-President (d) Prime Minister


3.Who held the office of the Vice-President of India for two consecutive terms ?

(a) Dr. Radhakrishnan (b) Mr. R. Venkataraman (c) Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma (d) Mr. V.V. Giri


4.Consider the following statements :

1.No formal impeachment is required for the removal of the Vice-President.

2.Dispute regarding election of the Vice-President is referred to the Election Commission. Which of these statements is/are correct ?

(a) only 1 (b) only 2 (c) both 1 and 2

(d) neither 1 nor 2

Ans. c

5.The Union Executive of India consists of the

(a) The President, Vice-President and the Council of Ministers only ) (b) The President and the council of Ministers only (c) The President, the Vice-President, the Council of Ministers and Lok Sabha Speaker (d) The President, the Prime Minister, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha Speaker.


6.Which one of the following statements regarding the Vice-President of India Officiating as President is correct?

(a) He shall continue to be chairman of the Council of States (b) He shall cease to be the chairman of the Council of

States (c) He shall nominate the next-senior-most member of the house to be the chairman of the Council of States (d) None of the above


 7.Consider the following statements 1. The Vice-President is elected by members of an electoral college consisting of the members of both houses of Parliament. 2. When the Vice-President discharges the functions of the President, he would be entitled to the same emoluments, allowances and privileges to which the President if entitled under the Constitution. Which of these statement are correct?

(a) only 1 (b) only 2 si (c) both 1 and 2 (d) neither 1 nor 2


8.Consider the following statements regarding the VicePresident of India : 1. The Vice-President is elected by an electoral college consisting of all the members of the both houses of the Parliament. 2. The Constitution is silent about a person who is the duties of the Vice-President during the period of vacancy. Which of these statements is/are correct ?

(a) only 1 (b) only 2 (3) Oy – (c) both 1 and 2 (d) neither 1 nor 2


9.Which one of the following statement is NOT correct ?

(a) The Vice-President of India holds office for a periodof five years (b) The Vice-President of India can be removed by asingle majority of votes passed in the Rajya Sabha only The Vice-President of India continues to be in office even after the expiry of his term till his successor takes over (d) The Supreme Court of India has to took into all disputes with regard to the election of the VicePresident of India


10.Consider the following Vice-Presidents of India 1. V. V. Giri

G.S. Pathak 3. B. D. Jatti 4. M. Hidayatullah Which one of the following is the correct chronology of their tenures ?

(a) 1-2-3-4 (b) 2-1-3-4 (c) 2-1-4-3 (d) 1-2-4-3

Ans. a

11.Who is the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha ?

(a) The President (b) The Vice-Preside (c) The Prime Minister (d) The Speaker


12.Which of the following statements about the President of India are NOT correct? 1. In order to be Vice-President a person mu qualified for election as a member of the House

the People. 2. A member of the State Legislative can seek elen to that office. 3. The term of the office of the Vice-President is the seas that of the President 4. He can be removed through a formal impeachm Choose the correct answer from the codes below : Codes :

(a) 1 and 2 (b) 2 and 3 (c) 1 and 4 (d) 300


13.The proposal relating to dismissal of the Vice-Presi o can be presented in

(a) Any House of the Parliament (b) The Rajya Sabha (c) The Lok Sabha (d) None of these


14.Which of the following Vice-Presidents was appointed as President of the country ?

(a) Justice Mohammad Hidayatullah (b) R. Venkatraman (c) Krishnakant (d) Dr. Zakir Hussain


15.The resolution for removing the Vice-President of can be moved in the :

(a) Lok Sabha alone (b) Either House of Parliament (c) Joint sitting of Parliament (d) Rajya Sabha alone


16.Who among the following have held the office Vice-President of India ? Mohammad Hidayatullah 2. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad 3. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy 4. Shankar Dayal Sharma sridises Codes :

(a) 1, 2, 3 and 4 (b) 1 and 4 (c) 2 and 3 (d) 3 and 4 [UPSC



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