Mughal Period(1526-1857)


1.. Who is believed to have created the raga Miyan KiMalhar?

(a) Tansen (b) Baiju Bawara (c) Amir Khusrau (d) Swami Haridasa (SSC Grad. 2004)


2.Mughal presence in the Red Fort ceased with the fall of –

(a) Aurangzeb(b) Muhammad Shah (c) Shah Alambino (d) Bahadur Shah ‘Zafar’ [SSC Grad. 2005]


3.The world famous Thakht-i-Taus(the Peacock Throne) was kept in which of the following Mughal buildings ?

(a) The Diwan – i – Khas at Fatehpur Sikri (b) Agra Fort (c) The Rang Mahal at the Red Fort at Delhi N oi (d) The Diwan -i – Am at the Red Fort at Delhi (SSC Sec. Off. (Aud.) 2006)


4.The famous Kohinoor diamond was produced from one of the mines in

(a) Orissa (b) Chhotanagpur (c) Bijapurs o 1991 (d) Golconda [SSC Sec. Off. (Aud.) 2006)


5.A renowned Jain scholar who was greatly honoured by Akbar was

(a) Hemchandra (b) Harivijaya (c) Vastupala (d) Bhadrabahu [SSC Mat. 2005 ]


6.Which one is NOT situated at Fatehpur Sikri ?

(a) The Panch Mahal (b) Moti Masjid (c) Tomb of Salim Chisti (d) The Mariam Palace [SSC Mat. 200


7.The original name of Tansen, the most famous musician at the court of Akbar was

(a) Lal Kalawant (b) Banda Bahadur (c) Ramtanu Pande (d) Markandey Pande [SSC Grad. 2008, CDS 2005]


8.Where did Babur die ?

(a) Agra (b) Kabul (c) Lahore (d) Delhi [SSC Tax Assit. 2009


9.Which of the undermentioned facts about Taj Mahal NOT correct?

(a) It is a magnificent mausoleum (b) It was built by Shahjahan (c) It is situated outside Agra Fort (d) The names of artisans who built it are engraved or


10.Between which two rulers was the First Battle of Panipat fought?

(a) Akbar and Bahlol Lodi (b) Babur and Ibrahim Lodi (c) Bairam Khan and Sikandar Lodi (d) Shahjahan and Daulat Khan Lodi (SSC Tax Assit. 2009]


11.Who is the author of ‘Ain -i – Akbari’ ? basso

(a) Abul Fazl (b) Abdus Samad (c) Bairam Khan (d) Raja Todarmal (SSC Tax Assit. 2009]


12.Din – e – Ilahi of Akbar was not a success because

(a) After Akbar, it was not patronized (b) The Muslims did not accept other religious practices (c) It was not suitably projected to the masses (d) All the above [SSC Tax Assit. 2009]


13.Bahadur Shah was—

(a) last ruler of the Lodis d e l bis Adhoc (b) last Mughal Ruler (c) successor of Shershah (d) successor of the Maratha ruler Shivaji [SSC Data Entry Operator 2009]


14.Who among the following was an illiterate ?

(a) Jahangir (b) Shahjahan (c) Akbar (d) Aurangzeb ISSC Grad. 2010]


15.The first Indian Hindi scholar of the Mughal period was

(a) Malik Muhammad Jayasi (b) Abdur Rahim (c) Mulla Wajhi (d) Chandbardai [SSC Sec. Off. 2010]


16.Which one of the following terms is NOT associated with the Mughals ?

(a) Dam (b) Jagir (c) Jital (d) Mansab [SCRA 2003]


17.Who among the following was defeated by Babur in the first Battle of Panipat ?

(a) Bahlol Lodi (b) Daulat Khan Lodi (c) Ibrahim Lodi (d) Sikandar Lodi [SCRA 2003]


18.Which important event took place in the history of India in the year 1526 ?

(a) The first battle of Panipat (b) The second battle of Panipat (c) Defeat of Humayun at the hands of Shershah Suri (d) None of these [RRB Mumbai Supervisor/IESM 2006]


 19.Mughal painting flourished during the reign of—

(a) Akbar (b) Jahangir (c) Shahjahan (d) Aurangzeb SAT [RRB Mumbai Supervisor/IESM 2006]


 20.Revenue system during Akbar’s reign was in the hands of

(a) Bairam Khan (b) Man Singh (c) Birbal (d) Todarmal RRB Mahendru (Patna) TC 2006)


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