Sultanate Period (1206-1526)

I.The Delhi Sultanate


1.Where did the traveller Ibn Batuta come from ?

(a) Morocco (b) Persia (c) Turkey (d) Central Asia [SSC Grad. 2002]


2.Mohammad -bin -Tughlaq was proficient in

(a) Art (b) Music (c) Calligraphy (d) Philosophy TSŚC Grad. 2004]


3.The Khalji Sultans of Delhi were—

(a) Mongols (b) Afghans (c) Turks (d) A Jat tribe [SSC Sec. Off. (Aud.) 2007]

Ans. c

4..The Sultan who described himself as Sikandar-i-Sani (The Second Alexander) was

(a) Balban (b) Alauddin Khalji (c) Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq (d) Sikandar Lodi [SSC Mat. 2008, NDA 2008]

Ans. b

5.The largest standing army of the Sultanate, directly paid by the State was created by

(a) Iltutmish (b) Alauddin Khalji (c) Mohammad – bin -Tughlaqe (d) Sikandar Lodi E [SSC Mat. 2008]

Ans. c

6.Ibn Batuta visited India during the reign of

(a) Iltutmish (b) Alauddin Khaljine (c) Balban (d) Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq (SSC Tax Assist. 2008]

Ans. d

7.The Qutub Minar was completed by the famous ruler

(a) Qutubuddin Aibak (b) Iltutmish (c) Firoz Shah Tughlaq (d) Alauddin Khalji [SSC CPO SI 2008]

Ans. b

8.Which of the following are correctly matched ? Persons St Events 1. Sultan Mahmud Sack of Somnath 2. Mohammad Ghori Conquest of South Smi 3. Alauddin Khalji

Revolt in Bengal 4. Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq Chingiz Khan’s invasom

(a) 1 and 2 (b) 2 only (c) 1 only (d) 2 and 4 [SSC Tax Assit ]

Ans. a

9.The Lodi dynasty was founded by

(a) Ibrahim Lodi (b) Sikandar Lodi (c) Bahlol Lodi (d) Khizr Khan (SSC Grad )

Ans. c

10.Yahya bin Ahmed Sirhindi, the author of ‘Tarikh – Mubaraqshahi’ lived in the period of,

(a) Khalji (b) Tughlaq (c) Sayyid (d) Lodi[Bihar SSC LDCZ

Ans. c

11.Mohammad – bin – Tughlaq changed his capital Delhi to Deogiri because he wanted to

(a) improve trade in the Deccan (b) spread Islam in the Deccan (c) punish the people of Delhi (d) escape from the Mongol invasion [RRB Mahendru (Patna) TC

Ans. d

12.The contemporary chronicle of Sayyid period is

(a) Tarikh-i-Mubaraqshahi (b) Waqiat-i-Mushta (c) Futuh-us-Salatin – (d) Masalik-ul-Absar [UGC NET/JRF (Histor

Ans. a

13.Amir Khusrau was a famous court poet of—

(a) Akbar (b) Adauddin Khili (c) Mahmud Ghazanvi (d) None of these [PGDTM (Gwalior) Entrance Test 2006, WB PSCP SSC MPJES

Ans. b

14.Alauddin Khalji captured the Delhi throne after securing fabulous wealth from

(a) Chanderi (b) Gujarat (c) Deogiri(d) Madurai [CPF Assit. Commant 2008]

Ans. c

15.Who of the following was a contemporary of Chingiz Khan ?

(a) Mahmud Ghazanvi (b) Iltutmish (c) Alauddin Khalji (d) Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq (CPFAssit. Commat. 2008]

Ans. b

16.With reference to Sultan Alauddin Khalji, consider the following statements1. Alauddin Khalji fixed the prices of food-grains. 2. Alauddin Khalji was the first Sultan who paid his

soldiers in cash. 3. During Alauddin Khalji’s rule, the share of the land revenue to be paid by the peasant was raised to half of the produce. Which of these statements are correct?

(a) 1 and 2 (b) 1 and 3 (c) 2 and 3 (d) 1, 2 and 3 [NDA 2002]

Ans. d

17.Who among the following Delhi Sultans is known for introducing market control mechanism ?

(a) Iltutmish (b) Balban (c) Alauddin Khalji (d) Firozshah Tughlaq INDA 2003]

Ans. c

18.Who was the Delhi Sultan when the threat of invasion by Mongols under Chingiz Khan loomed over India ?

(a) Iltutmish(b) Balban (c) Jalaluddin Khalji (d) Alauddin Khalji [NDA 2006]

Ans. a

19.During the reign of Alauddin Khalji, who were Amil ?

(a) Government agents to collect land revenue (b) Local landlords at village level (c) Khurasani and Multani traders of food-grains (d) Banjaras who carried the food -grains from village to towns [NDA 2007]

Ans. a

20.Who among the following was the author of “Tarikh – I – Alai’, which contains the details of first few years of Sultan Alauddin Khalji ?

(a) Ziauddin Barani (b) Shams Siraj Afif (c) Amir Khusraubsm (d) Yahiya – bin – Ahmed [NDA 2009]

Ans. c

21.Who among the following was the first muslim Military Commander who annexed Bihar and Bengal by overthrowing the Sena dynasty ?

(a) Mahmud Gawan (b) Bakhtiyar Khalji (c) Adil Shah (d) Shamsuddin . [NDA 2009]

Ans. b

22.Who among the following sultans was advised by Qazi Mughisuddin to act according to the laws of Shariat, but the Sultan rejected his advice?

  (a) Alauddin Khalji (b) Jalaluddin Khalji (c) Mohammad – bin – Tughlaq (d) Firoz Tughlaq [CDS 2000]

Ans. a

23Assertion (A): Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq s hifted his capital from Delhi to Deogiri (Daulatabad). Reason (R) : There were repeated Mongol invasions on Delhi during his reign.


(a) Both A and Rare true and R is the correct explanation of A (b) Both Aand Rare true but Ris not a correct explanation of A (c) A is true but R is false (d) A is false but R is true gniwala s [CDS 2000]

Ans. a

24.The medieval ruler who was the first to establish a ministry of agriculture (Diwan – i – Kohi) was

(a) Alauddin Khalji (b) Mohammad -bin (c) Sher Shah (d) Akbar [CDS 2001, JPSC 2003]

Ans. b

25.In the Delhi Sultanate, an administrative unit called Paragana was headed by an official known as

(a) Shiqdar (b) Barid (c) Ariz (d) Amil [CDS 2002]

Ans. d

26.Who among the following Sultans of Delhi had acceptedthe Suzeraintz of the Timurid ruler Mirza Shah Rukh ?

(a)Firoz Tughlaq (b) Mohammad – bin – Tughlaq (c) Khizr Khan Sayyid (d) Sikandar Lodi [CDS 2004]

Ans. c

27.Who among the following appointed Ibn Batuta as the Chief Qazi of Delhi ?

(a) Ghiyasuddin Balban (b) Alauddin Khalji (c) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq (d) Mohammad – bin – Tughlaq [CDS 2005]

Ans. d

28.Who among the following was NOT a noble under Alauddin Khalji?

(a) Ainulmulk Multani (b) Zafar Khan (c) Nusrat Khan (d) Munim Khan

[CDS 2007]

Ans. d

29.Malik Kafur was whose General ?

(a) Balban (b) Alauddin Khalji (c) Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq (d) Firoz shah Tughlaq [CDS 2008]

Ans. b

30. In medieval India, what did the term Jital refer to ?

(a) Weight (b) Diet (c) Coin (d) Game [CDS 2008]

Ans. c

31.With reference to Delhi Sultanate, who was the founder of Sayyid Dynasty ?

(a) Khizr Khan (b) Mubaraq Shah (c) Muhammad Shah (d) Alauddin Alam Shah (CDS 2008)

Ans. a

32.Which of the following Sultans founded a town where now stands Agra ?

(a) Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq (b) Firoz Tughlaq (c) Bahlol Lodi (d) Sikandar Lodi Abra [44th BPSC 2001, UP PCS (P) 2004, (M) 2005]

Ans. d


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