Parts,Articleand Schedules of the Constituition Important Gk Questions


1.The article of Indian Constitution related to abolition of untouchability is —

(a) Article 15 (b) Article 16 ) (c) Article 17 (d) Article 18


2.“It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment”. This statement refers to which of the following Articles of the Constitution of India ?

(a) Article 21 Article 51 A (d) Article 56


3.Which Article of Indian Constitution enumerates Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizens ?

(a) Article 50 A (b) Article 50 B (c) Article 51 A (d) Article 51 B


4.Under which Article of the Indian Constitution can the President be impeached ?

(a) Article 61 (b) Article 75 (c) Article 76 (d) Article 356


5.Which one of the following pairs is properly matched Institutions Articles

(a) Supreme Court of India 318 (b) Election Commission of India 324 (c) Union Public Service Commission 332 (d) Attorney General 351


6.By which name/names is our country mentioned in the Constitution ?

(a) India and Bharat (b) India and Hindustan (c) Bharat Only (d) India, Bharat and olazi



7.The Constitutional States has been given to Panchayats under Article

(a) 219 (b) 226 (c) 239 (d) 243


8.Under which Article of the Constitution of India can the Indian Parliament make laws under the Residuary powers ? ir

(a) Article 248 (b) Article 249 (c) Article 250 (d) Article 251


9.The executive power of the State are vested in the Governor under Article …… of the Constitution.

(a) 14 (b) 154(1) (c) 155 (d) 356


10.The Finance Commission is constituted under Article …… of tlhe Constitution of India ?

(a) 275 T  (b) 280 (c) 282 (d) None of these


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