Indian History Important General Knowledge Questions


1. History is the study of—

(a) Past (b) Society (c) Law (d) Environment

Ans. A

2. Who was the first Greek historian?

(a) Thucydides (b) Herodotus (c) Manetho (d) Homer [NET/JRF 2005, 2009, 2013)

Ans. B

3. Which of the following explicitly states that “History bases all its conclusions on rational evidence?

(a) Herodotus (b) Thucydides (c) Polybios (d) Tacitus [NET/JRF 2012]

Ans. A

4.’The Histories’ is written by

(a) Herodotus (b) Megasthenese (c) Plutarch (d) Pliny

Ans. A

5. The title the ‘father of History’ has given to whom?

(a) Herodotus (b) Euripides (c) Thucydides (d) Socrates RAS/RTS 1994-95; UPJE 2018] 6.

Ans. A

6. Who says, “History repeats itself”?

(a) Hegel (b) Karl Marx- (c) Kalhana (d) Barani

Ans. A

7.“We learn from history that man can never learn anything from History”-Who has said the statement?

(a) Hegel (b) Karl Marx (c) J. B. Bury (d) E. H. Carro s

Ans. A

8. Who said, “All History is the history of class struggle?

(a) Karl Marx (b) J. B. Bury (c) Collingwood to (d) E. H. Carrera

Ans. A

9. Which one of the following sums up Marx’s view about history?

(a) History is a record of the wars between various People on (b) History is a succession of the struggle between the oppressor and the oppressed classes (c) History is a faithful record of the past events (d) None of the above [CDS 2010]

Ans. B

10. Karl Marx explained the process of class struggle with the help of which one of the following theories?

(a) Empirical liberalism (b) Existentialism (c) Darwin’s theory of evolution (d) Dialectical materialism [UPSC 2011]


11.“History is past politics”, who has held this. view.?

(a) Stubbs (b) Carlyle (c) Seeley (d) Trevelyn [NET/JRF 2004, 2013]

Ans. C

12. Who said this, “History is an unending dialogue between past and present”?

(a) E. H. Carr (b) Charlse Ferth (c) Karl Marx (d) V. A. Smith

[NET/JRF 2016]

Ans. A

13. BC, used with dates, is an acronym of

(a) Before Christ (b) British Columbia (c) British Council (d) Booking Clerk

Ans. A

14. What is the full form of AD, used with dates?

(a) Anno Domini (b) Assistant Director (c) Acknowledgment Due (d) After Date

Ans. A

15. The year of 50 BC-21

(a) appeared before 150 BC (b) appeared after 150 BC (c) in the year of 150 BC (d) in the decade of 150 BC

Ans. B

16. The year 1015 AD comes into which century?

(a) 10th century BC (b) 10th century AD (c) 11th century BC (d) 11th century AD


17.Vikrama Samvat commenced in the year of(a) 58 BC (b) 78 AD (c) 57 BC (d) 73 BC [RRB Malda ASM/GG 2004]

Ans. A

18. Saka Samvat has commenced in the reign of which king?

(a)Asoka (b) Kanishka (c) Harsha (d) Samudragupta

Ans. D

19. National calendar of India is based on which Samvat (era)? [SSC ML 1999]

(a) Kali Samvat (b) Vikrama Samvat (c) Saka Samvat (d) None of these

Ans. C


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