Indian defence structure

Indian Defence

  • The President of India is the supreme commander of the Indian Defence System.
  • Indian Defence System has been divided into three services – Army, Navy and Air Force.
  • The Whole administrative control of the Armed forces lies in the Ministry of Defence.

Indian Army

  • The Indian Army is organised into seven commands.
  1. Western Command:—-      Chandigarh.
  2. Eastern Command:—-     Kolkata.
  3. Northern Command:—-     56 APO.
  4. Southern Command:—-     Pune.
  5. Central Command:—-     Lucknow.
  6. Army Training Command:—-     Shimla.
  7. South Western Command:—-     Jaipur.

Army Training Institutes

  1. National Defence Academy:—-     Khadakvasia.
  2. Indian Military Academy:—-     Dehradun.
  3. Defence Services Staff College:—-    Wellington.
  4. Armed forces Medical College:—-     Pune.
  5. Rashtriya Indian Military College;—-   Dehradun
  6. College of Defence Management:—-    Secunderabad.
  7. College of Combat:—-    Mhow.

Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force organised seven Commands.
  1. Western Command:—- Khadakvasia.
  2. Eastern Command:—- Shillong.
  3. Southern Western Command:—- jodhpur.
  4. Central Command:—- Allahabad.
  5. Southern Command:—- Thiruvananthapuram.
  6. Training  Command:—- Bengaluru.
  7. Maintenance Command:—- Nagpur.

Indian Navy

The Indian navy organised three Commands.

  1. Eastern Command:—- Vishakhapatnam.
  2. Southern Command:—- Cochin.
  3. Western Command:—- Mumbai.
  • Each command is headed by Vice Admiral.
  • Navy headed by the ” Chief of the Naval Staff” of the rank of admiral.
  • First Aircraft carrier of Indian Navy – “INS Viraat”.
  • “INS Shakti” was India’s first indigenously built submarine.
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