Indian Constitution Borrowed Features

The Indian Constitution

Indian Constitution Borrowed Features

·         From Uk :——
1.      Nominal Head – President (like Queen).
2.      Cabinet System of Ministers.
3.      Post of PM.
4.      Parliamentary Type of Govt.
5.      Bicameral Parliament.
6.      Council of ministers responsible to Lower House.
7.      Speaker in The Lok Sabha.
8.      Single citizenship.
·         From US :——
1.      Written Constitution.
2.      Executive head of state known as President and he is being the Supreme Commander of The Armed Force.
3.      Vice-President as the ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha.
4.      Fundamental Rights.
5.      Supreme Court.
6.      Independence of Judiciary and process of judicial review.
7.      Preamble.
  • From USSR(Former) :——        Fundamental Duties and Five Year Plan.
  • From AUSTRALIA :——         Concurrent list.
  • From GERMANY :——-        Suspension of Fundamental Rights during the emergency.
  • From SOUTH AFRICA :——        Procedure of Constitutional Amendments.
  • From CANADA :——       Distribution of powers between Centre and the States and placing. Residuary Powers with the Centre.
  • From IRELAND :——        Concept of Directive Principles of State Policy and Nomination of members in the Rajya Sabha by the President.
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