indian border names and borders between countries

borders between countries and indian border names

Most important indian border names and borders between countries,Boundaries divided two country and land.Important Line world list here – check

borders between countries

  1. Mac mohan line :—-    India (Arunachal Pradesh Region)  and China,drawn by Sir Henry MacMahon. china donot recognize and cross 1962.
  2. Line of Actual Control :—-     India and China (Northern Border).
  3. Radcliffe :—-     India and Pakisthan,drawn up by Sir Cyril Radcliffe(1947).
  4. 24th Parallel Line :—-     India and Pakisthan (India didnot recognize).
  5. Durand Line :—–      Pakistan & Afghanistan (Afghanistan did not recognize).
  6. Hiddenberg Line :—-      Germanyand Poland(retreated to this line by german in 1917 during World War I)
  7. .Sigfried Line :—-      East France & Germany(retreated to this line 2nd world war).
  8. Maginot Line :—-       Franceand Germany.
  9. Mannheim Line :—-      United Russia & Finland.
  10. Oder Nisse Line :—-       Germany & Poland.
  11.  Mason :—-    Demarcation between four states in the United State.
  12. Medicine Line :—-       Canada and the United States.
  13. Marginal Line :—-      Russia and Finland border. Drawn by General Mannerheim.
  14. 17th Parallel Line :—-    North & South Vietnam.
  15. 24th Parallel Line :—-     India and Pakisthan (India didnot recognize).
  16. 26th Parallel Line :—-      Australiaand South America.
  17. 38th Parallel Line :—-     Separates North Koreaand South Korea.
  18. 39th Parallel Line :—-      Earth’s equatorial plane.
  19. 49th Parallel Line  :—-     Boundary between USA and Canada.

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