important symbols with meaning or Signs in the world.

Important Symbols  or Signs

important symbols with meaning or Signs in the world: --

  1. White Flag:----     Symbol of Truce.
  2. Yellow Flag:----     Flown on ships or vehicles carrying patients suffering from infectious diseases.
  3. Black Flag:----     Symbol of protest.
  4. Red Flag:----      Symbol of Revolution, also sign of danger.
  5. Red Cross:----     Medical aid and hospital.
  6. Lotus:----     Culture and civilisation.
  7. Pen:----     Symbol of culture and civilisation.
  8. Flag flown upside down:----    Symbol of distress.
  9. Flag flown at half mast:----    Symbol of national mourning.
  10. Pigeon or dove:----    Symbol of Peace.
  11. A blind folded woman holding a balanced scale:----    Symbol of justice.
  12. Black strip on face arm:----    Sign of mourning or protest.
  13. One skull on two bones crossing each other diagonally:----     Symbol of Danger.
  14. Wheel (Chakra):----     Symbol of progress.
  15. Olive Branch:----     Symbol of Peace.
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