important constitutional amendments

important constitutional amendments

important constitutional amendments deal with

  1. Amend. 7(1956) Implement State Reorganisation
  2. Amend. 25 (1971) Amended Art. 31 regarding
    the right of the state to acquire private property
    for public purpose.
  3. Amend. 42 (1976) Brought about drastic changes
    in the Indian Constitution. Because of its wide
    sweep and drastic nature, it came to be called a
    Mini Constitution. Its main provisions are 1) the
    words ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ were added to
    the Preamble. 2) the primacy of Directive
    Principles over Fundamental Rights was
    ensured 3) restrictions were placed on the
    exercise of judicial review by the High Courts. It
    was laid down that the Supreme Court alone
    would be entitled to examine the constitutional
    validity of union laws.
  4. Amend. 44 (1978) The Right of Property, a
    fundamental right was taken away and it is
    only a legal right now.
  5. Amend. 56 (1987) Accorded the status of
    Important Amendments
    statehood to Goa. Provided a 40 member
    Legislative Assembly to Goa.
  6. Amend. 61 (1988) Reduced the voting age from
    21 to 18 years for the Lok Sabha as well as
    Assembly elections.
  7. Amend. 71 (1992) Provides that the Konkani,
    Manipuri, and Nepali shall be included in the
    Eighth Schedule, thus raising the number of
    languages from 15 to 18.
  8. Amend. 73 (1992) Lead to the formation of
    Panchayati Raj.
  9. Amend. 74 (1992) Led to the formation of
    Nagar Palikas.
  10. Amend. 79 (1999) Extended the reservation of
    Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and
    Anglo- Indians in Lok Sabha and State
    Assemblies for ten more years ie, upto 2010.
  11. Amend. 84 (2000) Relates to the creation of new
    states of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and
  12. 93 Amendment Bill : Education – A
    Fundamental Right.
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