history quiz questions set 1 (25 questions)

history quiz questions important gk

1. Sea route to India was discovered by ?


2. The Aryans came from Central Asia to India around ?


3. Which one of the following was the port city of the Indus Valley Civilisation ?


4. Rig Veda is believed by the historians to have been written when it was ?


5. Babar entered India for the first time through ?


6. Who said that there was no Slavery in India ?


8. The magnificient temple at Halebid was established by ?


9. India derives its name from ?


10. A national religion called Din–i–Illahi was promulgated by ?


11. Who introduced English in India ?


12. The foundation for the Vijayanagar city and kingdom was laid by ?


13. The quit India movement was started in the year ?


15. Lord Buddha made his first sermon at ?


16. Taj Mahal is on the banks of ?


17. Panipat is modern ?


18. Indian Napoleon was ?


19. Kanishka followed ?


20. The Mughal Empire reached its zenith of expansion under ?


21. Do or Die slogan is associated with ?


23. The Indian National Congress was founded by ?


24. The Civil services in India was established by ?


25. The founder of Portuguese power in India was ?


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