Indian war history date and results

Indian war history important battle’s

Indian war history date and results —–

  1. Battle of Hydaspas (326 B.C) :—-     Porus and Alexander (win Alexander).
  2. Kalinga War (261 B.C) :—-     Asoka and adapts Buddhism (win Asoka).
  3. Invasion of Sind (712 A.D) :—-    Mohammed-bin-Qasim and Dahir (.win Mohammed-bin-Qasim).
  4. First Battleof Tarain (1191 A.D) :—-     Prithviraj Chauhan and Mohammed Ghori (win Prithviraj Chauhan)..
  5. Second Battleof Tarain (1192 A.D) :—-    Ghori and  Prithviraj Chauhan (win Ghori)..
  6. Battle of Chhandwar (1194 A.D) :—-     Ghori and Jaichandra of Kannauj (win Ghori).
  7. First Battleof Panipat (1526 A.D) :—-     Babar and Ibrahim Lodhi (win Babar).
  8. Battle of Khanua (1527 A.D) :—-     Babar and Rana Sanga (win Babar).
  9. Battle of Ghaghara (1529 A.D) :—-     Babar and the Afghans (win Babar).
  10. Battle of Chausa (1539 A.D) :—-      Sher Shah Suri and Humayun (win  Sher Shah Suri).
  11. Battle of Kannauj (or Bilgram) (1540 A.D) :—-     Sher Shah Suri and Humayun (win Sher Shah Suri).
  12. Second Battleof Panipat (1556 A.D) :—-     Bairam Khan (representing Akbar) and Hemu (win Bairam Khan).
  13. Battle of Talikota (or Banihatti) (1565 A.D) :—-     Vijaynagar empire (represented by Sadasiva) and  Deccan sultanates Hussain Nizam Shah (win Hussain Nizam Shah).
  14. Battle of Haldighati (1576 A.D) :—-    Akbar and Maharana Pratap (win Akbar).
  15. Mewar submitted to the Mughals (1615 A.D) :—-    Peace treaty signed between Jahangiri and Rana Amar Singh of Mewar.
  16. Mughal-Safavid War (1649 A.D) :—-    Mughals lose Kandahar to Persia.
  17. Battle of Dharmatt and Samugarh (1658 A.D) :—-     Aurangzeb and Dara Shikoh (win Aurangzeb).
  18. Seige of Purandar (1665 A.D) :—-    Raja Jai Singh and Shivaji. Treaty of Purandar signed  (win Raja Jai Singh).
  19. Battle of Khed (1708 A.D) :—-    Shahu and Tara Bai (win Shahu).
  20. Battle of Bhopal (1737 A.D) : —-     Baji Rao and Mohammed Shah (win Baji Rao).
  21. Battle of Karnal (1739 A.D) :—-     Nadir Shah and Mohammed Shah (win Nadir Shah).
  22. Battle of Plassey (1757 A.D) :—-     Robert Clive and Siraj-ud-daula, the Nawab of Bengal (win Robert Clive).
  23. Battle of Wandiwash (1760 A.D) :—-     English and the French (win English).
  24. Third Battleof Panipat (1761 A.D) :—-      Ahmed Shah Abdali and Marathas (win  Ahmed Shah).
  25. Battle of Buxar (1764 A.D) :—-     English Hector Munro and combined armies of Nawab Mir Qasim of Bengal, Nawab Shuja-ud-daula of Awadh and Mughal emperor Shah Alam (win Hector Munro).
  26. First Anglo MysoreWar (1767-69 A.D) :—-      Hyder Ali and  English forces (win Hyder Ali).
  27. First Anglo Maratha War (1766-69 A.D) :—-     British defeated.
  28. Battle of Udgir (1770 A.D) :—-    Marathas and the Nizam (win Marathas).
  29. Second Anglo MysoreWar (1780-84 A.D) :—-     Hyder Ali dies. Treaty of Mangalore is signed.
  30. Third Anglo MysoreWar (1789-92 A.D) :—-      Tipu Sultan and Treaty of Serirangapatnam is signed (win Tipu Sultan).
  31. Fourth Anglo MysoreWar (1799 A.D) :—-     Tipu Sultan is defeated and killed.
  32. Second Anglo Maratha War (1803-06 A.D) :—-     Marathas and to the British (win British).
  33. Third Anglo Maratha War (1817-19 A.D) :—-     Marathas and to the British (win British).
  34. First Anglo Burmese War (1824-26 A.D) :—-     British and over Burmese (win British).
  35. First Anglo Afghan War (1839-42 A.D) :—-     British and Afghan ruler Dost Mohammad (win British).
  36. First Anglo Sikh War (1845-46 A.D) :—-     Sikhs and to the British (win Sikhs).
  37. Second Anglo Sikh War (1848-49 A.D) :—-     Punjab annexation by the British annexation.
  38. Second Anglo Burmese War (1852 A.D) :—-     British win the war.
  39. Third Angio Burmese War (1865 A.D) :—-     Burmais annexed (win British).
  40. Second Anglo Afghan War (1868-80 A.D) :—-     Treaty of Gandamak is signed.
  41. Third Anglo Afghan War (1919-21 A.D) :—-     Ended  Artimice. Durand line established.
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