Governor general of Bengal and India

Governor general's of Bengal

important Governor general of Bengal and Indian history -----

Warren Hastings (1772 - 1785) :----

  • Brought the Dual Govt. of Bengal to an end by the Regulating Act, 1773.
  • Established India's first Supreme court Calcutta.

Lord Cornwallis ( 1786 - 1793 ) :----

  • First person to codify lawes (1793).
  • Started the permanent settlement of Bengal.
  • Father of Civil services in India.

Lord Wellesley ( 1798 -1803 ) :----

  • Introduced the system of subsidiary alliance.
  • Madras presidency was formed during his tenure.
  • First subsidiary treaty with Nizam of Hyderabad in 1800, he set up Fort William College in Calcutta, He was famous as Bengal Tiger.
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Governor General's of India

Lord William Bentinck ( 1828 - 1835 ) :----

  • Carried out the Social reforms like Prohibition of Sati (1829) and suppression of thugs (1830).
  • Made English the medium of higher education in the country.
  • Suppressed female infanticide and child sacrifice.
  • Charter Act of 1833 was passed ; made him the first Governor General in India.
  • Lord Charles Metcalfe  (1835-36) He is known as liberator of press.
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Lord Dalhousie ( 1848 - 1856 ) :----

  • Opened the first Indian Railway line in 1853 (from Bombay to Thane).
  • Laid out the telegraph lines in 1853 (first was from Calcutta to Agra).
  • Introduced the Doctrine of Lapse and captured Satara (1848) . Jaipur and Sambhalpur (1849), Udaipur in 1854, 'Wood's Dispatch' was passed.
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