gk science questions and answers 2017

gk science questions and answers 2017

gk science questions and answers

1. maximum supply of air pollutants in the world ? - Industries.
2. What are the components responsible for acid rain? - Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) .
3. Boiling factor of water depends upon? - Atmospheric Pressure.
4. What is Zeolite? - Hydrated Aluminosilicate

5. call the method by means of which Bubbles from Liquid are shaped? - Surface Tension
6. Which one of the following is an Insulator? - Mica
7. Why does water spill while mercury sticks to the glass? - Surface tension of mercury is higher than water
8. Which part of Brain is called “Small Brain”?- Cerebellum
9. Why the color of ocean appears blue? - Because longer wavelengths get absorbed.
10. 32-degree Fahrenheit is equal to how many Degree Celsius? - Zero degree Celsius.
11. Ice packed in saw doesnt melt quickly. Why? - Saw dust is bad conductor of heat
12. Name of the point in the orbit of a planet which is farthest from the sun ? - Aphelion
13. Constituents of biogas ?- Methane and CO2

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14. Which layer of earth contains ozone? - Stratosphere
15. What is used to convert AC to DC? - Rectifier
16. What is sullage water treatment process? - The sullage is treated by coagulation, filtration and disinfection and then pumped to an overhead tank for toilet flushing and gardening. Thus reducing the requirement of fresh water by 60%.
17. What is the purest form of carbon? - Diamond

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18. When sodium bicarbonate is heated strongly what is the product? - Sodium carbonate, water vapor and carbon dioxide gas.
19. Why do stars twinkle but not planets?- Because planets are closer to earth than stars so the light coming from planets does not bend much due to Earth’s atmosphere.
20. Which element causes radioactive pollution in Kerala - Thorium
21. What causes rain in the North western India? - Western disturbance in wind
22. Through which part in plants does food translocation occurs? - Phloem
23. Which is not an external storage memory? - CD RAM
24. Which particular concept do washing machines work on? - Fuzzy Logic
25. Which part of the brain is associated with hearing? - Cerebrum
26. Which of the following are soluble in water? - Sodium sulphate
27. Unit of radioactivity? - Curie.
28. Which is called quicklime? - CaO (Calcium oxide)
29. What is chemical name of Quartz? - Silica (SiO2)
30. Zika virus infection is spread by which species - Aedes Species Mosquito
31. Gas used in fire extinguisher - CO2
32. Morphology of chromosome can be best observed in which stage of cell division? - Metaphase stage.

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