gk science questions and answers

gk science questions and answers 2017

gk science questions and answers

1. maximum supply of air pollutants in the world ? – Industries.
2. What are the components responsible for acid rain? – Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) .
3. Boiling factor of water depends upon? – Atmospheric Pressure.
4. What is Zeolite? – Hydrated Aluminosilicate

5. call the method by means of which Bubbles from Liquid are shaped? – Surface Tension
6. Which one of the following is an Insulator? – Mica
7. Why does water spill while mercury sticks to the glass? – Surface tension of mercury is higher than water
8. Which part of Brain is called “Small Brain”?– Cerebellum
9. Why the color of ocean appears blue? – Because longer wavelengths get absorbed.
10. 32-degree Fahrenheit is equal to how many Degree Celsius? – Zero degree Celsius.
11. Ice packed in saw doesnt melt quickly. Why? – Saw dust is bad conductor of heat
12. Name of the point in the orbit of a planet which is farthest from the sun ? – Aphelion
13. Constituents of biogas ?- Methane and CO2

14. Which layer of earth contains ozone? – Stratosphere
15. What is used to convert AC to DC? – Rectifier
16. What is sullage water treatment process? – The sullage is treated by coagulation, filtration and disinfection and then pumped to an overhead tank for toilet flushing and gardening. Thus reducing the requirement of fresh water by 60%.
17. What is the purest form of carbon? – Diamond

18. When sodium bicarbonate is heated strongly what is the product? – Sodium carbonate, water vapor and carbon dioxide gas.
19. Why do stars twinkle but not planets?– Because planets are closer to earth than stars so the light coming from planets does not bend much due to Earth’s atmosphere.
20. Which element causes radioactive pollution in Kerala – Thorium
21. What causes rain in the North western India? – Western disturbance in wind
22. Through which part in plants does food translocation occurs? – Phloem
23. Which is not an external storage memory? – CD RAM
24. Which particular concept do washing machines work on? – Fuzzy Logic
25. Which part of the brain is associated with hearing? – Cerebrum
26. Which of the following are soluble in water? – Sodium sulphate
27. Unit of radioactivity? – Curie.
28. Which is called quicklime? – CaO (Calcium oxide)
29. What is chemical name of Quartz? – Silica (SiO2)
30. Zika virus infection is spread by which species – Aedes Species Mosquito
31. Gas used in fire extinguisher – CO2
32. Morphology of chromosome can be best observed in which stage of cell division? – Metaphase stage.

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