Geomorphology important gk

Geomorphology important gk 25 question

1. Which one of the following is produced by rain water action?


2. Sand duns form a major topographic fea ture of:


3. The deepest lake in the world is:


4. Which one of the following statements is false?


5. Vindhyan rocks contain large deposits of:


6. The only landlocked country in south east Asia is:


7. Which of the following features is the product of vulcanicity?



Which of the following landforms is not formed by weathering?


9. Which of the following landforms is formed by glacier?


10. With what are the Inselberg and Hamada associated?


11. The example of an intermontane plateau is:


12. Conard Discontinuity is found.


13. Asthenosphere is:


14. The term Isostasy was used for the first time by:


15. Repetti Discontinuity can be located between:


16. Pratt theory is related to:


17. Continental drift refers to the:


18. In America, the idea of continental drift was developed by:


19. Which of the following is known as “Island of Precipitation”?


20. Who formulated the hypothesis of sea  floor spreading for the first time?


21. . Mohorovicic Discontinuity is found between:


22. Heiskanen theory is related to:


23. The hypothesis of plate-tectonics assumes that the earth is composed of:


24. Which of follownig statement is true about Igneous rocks?


25. Gabbro is an example of:


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