geography quiz questions

geography quiz questions set 3

1. The Mediterranean lands are often called the Worlds:


2. Which of the following regions gets no rainfall throughout the year ?


3. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched ?


4. Summer rains in Australia broadly decreases From


5. The hot desert of the world are generally Found near:


6. Match the following :

1. Heavy rocks of lithosphere B. Sima
2. Layer below earth’s crust C. Sial
3. Light rocks of lithosphere
D. Bill 4. Small peninsula



7. ln which type of rocks are coal and petroleum found?


8. Molten rock below the surface of the earth is called :


9. What is weathering ‘?


10. Which of the following predominantly acts as the agent of chemical erosion of soil ?


11. Which of the following represents a process of chemical weathering ?


12. Which is not an erosional process caused by wind?


13. The rocks that make up the continents and are rich is silicon and aluminum are L


14. Amount of vertical and lateral displacement on a fault is respectively referred to as:


15. Sub-aerial slopes include aggravational slopes created by


16. A genetic classification of streams was developed by W.M. Davis, following earlier ideas of:


17. Bring the odd one out


18. Excessive folding results in:


19. Gutenberg discontinuity is found between the:


20. Which among the following place does not show the eastern margin warm temperate climate?


21. The grasslands that are affected by warm ocean current are:

(i) Pampas (ii) Veld (iii) Downs (iv) Canterbury (v) Pustaz

Select the appropriate code


22. For the first time who used word ‘Anticyclone’?


23. The most important component responsible for Albedo is:


24. The world’s lowest air pressure has been recorded at


25. Which is the correct descending order of following gases, according to their presence in the atmosphere?


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