geography quiz questions


1. Which one of the following regions practising most intensive subsistance farming ?


2. The ‘Hottentots’ are the—


3. The determining factor of population region is—


4. By which theory does the population increase geometrically ?


5. Hunting Instrument Harpoon is used by—


6. The leading sulphur producing country in the world is—


7. ‘Craal ‘is a house of —


8. Optimum Population Theory is propounded by—


9. What is ‘Karaganda’ ?


10. What is’Hebrew’ ?


11. Which of the following is called the Plateau Continent ?


12. Which industry is most important in South-West Asia ?


13. In general the most fertile layer of the soil is—


14. The most important factor to control the growth and types of forests is—


15. ‘Mediterranean Sea Forests’ are found in the areas—


16. ‘Mediterranean Sea Forests’ are found in the areas—


17. Which country fails in all three natural regions Hot desert, Mediterranean and Cool temperate type of climate ?


18. Which vegetation is called natural cattle country ?


19. Which one of the following deserts is famous for its deposits of nitrates ?


20. Tropical deciduous or monsoonal forests occur in :


21. Postaz are temperate grassland in :


22. Deciduous trees are those :


23. Which of the following natural regions is not found in the Torrid Zone ?


24. Match the following : Mineral Producing Area

A. Iron ore 1.Arkansas
B. Copper 2. Cuba
C. Aluminium 3. Kazakhstan
D. Nickel 4 . Krivoy Rog.



25. Long treeless grassy palms are characteristics of


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