geographical names in the world important data list

Geographical name

  1. Blue Mountains:----     Nilgiri Hills.
  2. City of palaces:----     Kolkata.
  3. City of Seven Hills:----    Rome.
  4. City of Skyscrapers:----     New York.
  5. City Beautiful:----     Chandigarh.
  6. City of Golden Gate:----     San Francisco.
  7. City of Magnificent Buildings:----     Washington.
  8. Cockpit of Europe:----     Belgium.
  9. Dark Continent:----     Africa.
  10. Eternal City:----     Rome.
  11. Forbidden City:----     Lhasa (Tibet).
  12. Windy City:----     Chicago.
  13. Garden City:----    Chicago.
  14. Gift of the Nile:----    Egypt.
  15. Granite City:----     Aberdeen.
  16. Hermit Kingdom:----     Korea.
  17. Holy Land:----     Palestine.
  18. Island Continent:----     Australia.
  19. Island of Cloves:----     Zanzibar.
  20. Island of pearls:----     Bahrain.
  21. Key to the Mediterranean:----     Gibraltar.
  22. Land of Cakes:----    Scotland.
  23. Land of Golden Fleece:----     Australia.
  24. Land of Maple:----    Canada.
  25. Land of Morning Calm:----    Korea.
  26. Land of Midnight Sun:----     Norway.
  27. Land of Rising Sun:----     Japan.
  28. Land of the thunderbolt:----     Bhutan.
  29. Land of Thousand Lakes:----     Finland.
  30. Land of White Elephant:----     Thailand.
  31. Pearl of the Antilles:----    Cuba.
  32. Pearl of the Pacific:----    Guayaquil Port of Ecuador.
  33. Roof of the world:----     The Pamirs,central Asia.
  34. Spice Garden of India:----     Kerala.
  35. Sugar Bowl of the world:----      Cuba.
  36. Whiteman's grave:----     Guinea Coast of Africa.
  37. Bit Apple:----    New York.
  38. Land of Kangaroo:----     Australia.
  39. Rose Pint City : ----       Jaipur.
  40. Sugar bowl of the World : -----       Cuba.
  41. Venice of the North : ------       Stockholm.
  42. Windy City : -----       Chicago.
  43. Whiteman's grave : -----       Guinea Coast of Africa.
  44. Yellow River : -----      Huang Ho (China)
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