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The term ‘General Science’ refers to the practical aspects of the basic principles of the various branches of Science. Generally, under this subject the questions related to the Concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are asked in the examination the answers of which are expected from any educated person. Around 15 to 16 questions from this subject are asked, which are related to the daily life activities and events.

1.Materials used for making cooking utensils should have

(a) low specific heat and high thermal conductivity (b) high specific heat and high thermal conductivity (c) low specific heat and low thermal conductivity (d) high specific heat and low thermal conductivity


2.Machine parts get jammed in winter, because

(a) the viscosity of the lubricant used in machine parts increases with the decrease in temperature (b) the viscosity of lubricant used in machine parts decreases

with the decrease in temperature (c) the inertia of machine parts decreases with the decrease in temperature (d) the inertia of machine parts increases with the decrease in



3.Usually light travels faster than sound. However, when we switch a television set on the picture comes later than the sound. The reason is that

(a) in TV transmission sound is transmitted first and picture is transmitted later (b) there is always a delay in the picture tube getting switched on (c) emission of electrons from the picture tube takes time (d) the wiring for picture tube is much longer compared to that for the speaker


4.The most significant revolution in physics in the twentieth century was

(a) Bohr’s theory of hydrogen atom (b) nuclear fusion (c) Planck’s quantum theory and Einstein’s theory of relativity (d) quantum mechanics


5.‘mho’ is the unit of

(a) resistance (b) specific resistance (C) conductivity (d) None of the above


6.When an electric bulb breaks, there is a mild bang due to

(a) the chemical reaction between the enclosed gases (b) the compressed gases rushing out suddenly (c) the air rushing in to fill the evacuated space (d) None of the above

Ans. c

7.Transfer of heat energy from the sun to the moon takes place by

(a) radiation only (b) radiation and conduction (c) radiation and convection (d) radiation, conduction and convection


8.Microphone is a device in which

(a) sound waves are directly transmitted (b) electrical energy is converted into sound waves directly (c) sound waves are converted into electrical energy and then reconverted into sound after transmission (d) amplification is not required at all


9.The blue colour of the water in the sea is due to

(a) absorption of other colours by water molecules (b) reflection of the blue light by the impurities in sea water (C) reflection of blue sky by sea water and scattering of blue light by water molecules (d) None of the above


10.A lighted candle gets extinguished when covered with a tumbler because of

(a) adequate supply of air (b) inadequate supply of air (c) presence of non-luminous matter (d) None of the above


11.A weather balloon is not fully inflated on the ground because

(a) it cannot rise up in the air when fully inflated (b) it cannot withstand the outside pressure if fully inflated (c) if the balloon is fully inflated, it may not remain stable in a

storm (d) the air inside the balloon expands as it rises and may burst


12.One should not connect a number of electric appliances to the same power socket because

(a) the appliances will not get full voltage (b) the appliances will not get proper current (C) this can damage the appliances (d) this can damage the domestic wiring due to overheating


13.Small drops of a liquid are spherical in shape because

(a) the earth attracts all the particles of the drop equally (b) for a given volume, the surface area of a sphere is maximum (c) the surface energy is maximum for the spherical shape (d) the surface energy is minimum for the spherical shape


14. A ship rises as it enters the sea from a river because the

(a) water in sea is hard water (b) larger quantity of water in the sea pushes the ship upwards (c) density of sea water is lower than that of the river water (d) density of sea water is higher than that of the river water


15.Which of the following is good nuclear fuel?

(a) Uranium-238 (b) Neptunium-239 (c) Thorium-236 (d) Plutonium-239


16.In an atomic explosion, enormous energy is released which is due to the

(a) conversion of neutrons into protons (b) conversion of chemical energy into heat energy (c) conversion of chemical energy into nuclear energy (d) conversion of mass into energy


17.Which of the following is used as a moderator in nuclear reactor?

(a) Ordinary water (b) Radium (c) Thorium (d) Graphite


18.Electron was first identified by

(a) JJ Thomson (b) Daniel Rutherford (c) J Kepler (d) James Chadwick


19.Kinetic energy depends

(a) on the mass of the moving body (b) the velocity or speed of the moving body (c) the pressure of the moving body (d) both mass and velocity of the moving body


20.If you swim one km, how many miles do you swim ?

(a) 0.5 (b) 0.62 blame (c) 0.84 (d) 1.6


21.The temperature of a body is an indicator of

(a) the total energy of the molecules of the body (b) the average energy of the molecules of the body (c) the total velocity of the molecules of the body (d) the average kinetic energy of the molecules of the body


22.Why are two blankets warmer than one?

(a) Two blankets have more wool and hence, provide greater warmth (b) Two blankets enclose air which does not allow the cold to penetrate (C) Two blankets compress the air in between the body and the blankets and this compression produces that (d) None of the above


23.Moon has no atmosphere because

(a) it is quite far off (b) it does not have any living being (c) its surface is not smooth (d) root mean square velocity of all gases is more than their escape velocity on moon’s surface


24. Tiredness is felt on the top of the mountains because of

(a) high temperature (b) low temperature (c) high pressure outside the body (d) low pressure outside the body


25.Oil rises up the wick in a lamp because :

(a) oil is very light (b) of the diffusion of oil through the wick (c) of the surface tension phenomenon (d) of the capillary action phenomenon


26.The most abundant metal in the earth’s crust is

(a) zinc (b) copper (c) aluminium (d) iron

Ans. C

27.An alloy used in making heating elements for electric heating devices is

(a) solder (b) alloy steel (c) nichrome (d) German silver


28. The filament of an electric bulb is made of

(a) iron (b) nichrome (c) tungsten (d) graphite


 29.Consider the following statements regarding graphite

1. It is an allotrope of carbon. 2. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity 3. It can be artificially produced. Of these statements

(a) 1, 2 and 3 are correct (b) 1 and 2 are correct (c) 1 and 3 are correct (d) 2 and 3 are correct


30. Carbon, diamond and graphite are together called

(a) isomers (b) allotropes (C) isomorphs (d) isotopes



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