Fundamentals Indian Economy and Planning gk

Fundamentals Indian Economy and Planning gk test 1

1. National Development Council was set up in ?


2. Economic Planning is a subject: [Asstt Grade 1991]


3. For internal financing of Five Year Plans, the government depends on: [NDA 1991]


4. The National Development Council gets its administrative support from:


5. The Five Year Plans of India intend to develop the country industrially through: [NDA 1991]


6. The Planning Commission is : [UP PCS 1994]


7. Which of the following statements is correct? [AAO 1993]


8. The principal reason why national economic planning is still being pursued inspite of embracing a market economy since 1991 is that: [IAS 1994]


9. ‘Take off stage’ in an economy means: [CBI 1990]


10. Planning in India derives its objectives from:


11. 70% of working population of India is engaged in:


12. Economic survey is published by :[IAS 1998]


13. Who is called the ‘Father of Economics’ ?


14. The concept of Five Year Plans in India was introduced by ?


15. India has: [CDS 1992]


16. India opted for ‘Mixed Economy’ in :


17. Mixed economy means an economy where [CDS 2009]


18. India’s economic planning CANNOT be said to be : [NDA 2002]


19. Which of the following could be said to have prevented the ‘trickle down’ effects in Indian economy?

1. Increased dependence of agriculture on purchased inputs and privately managed irrigation.
2. More employment of labour by larger landholding farmers.
3. Lowered participation of women in agricultural workforce due to new technology.
4. The failure of the Green Revolution.




20. Which of the following are not correct assessments of the decades of India’s Five-Year Plans?

1. There has been very low capital formation.
2. Growth has favoured the better off.
3. Production has increased substantially though often falling short of targets
4. The public sector has contributed nothing to economic growth.



21. Who is the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission?


22. Who was the first Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India?


23. The Planning Commission of India:

1. was set up in 1950.
2. is a constitutional body.
3. is an advisory body.
4. is a government department.


24. Put in chronological order.

1. Constitution of National Planning Committee -by the Indian National Congress under Jawaharlal Nehru.
2. Planned economy for India by Visvesvaraya published.
3. Bombay Plan.
4. Setting up of the National Development Council.



25. The deputy chairman of the Planning Commission: [UP PCS 1994]


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