First Woman in the World

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First Woman in the World female list —-

  1. UN general assembly first woman in world:—   Vijaya lakshmi pandit (1953).
  2. President of a country:—      Maria Estela Peron (Argentina).
  3. Prime minister of a country:—    S Bhandarnayake  (Sri Lanka).
  4. Prime minister of England:—     Margaret thatcher.
  5. Prime minister of any Muslim country:—     Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan).
  6. Cosmonaut in  space:—     Velantina tereshkova (USSR).
  7. Space tourist first woman in the world:—     Mrs Anousheh Ansari.
  8. Reach the North Pole:—     Mrs Fran Phipps.
  9. Set foot on North Pole:—    Ann Bancroft (USA).
  10. Reach Antarctica:—     Caroline Michaelson.
  11. Climb Mount Everest :—    Junko Tabei (japan).
  12. Cross the Strait of Gibralter:—    Arti Pradhan (india).
  13. First US Central Bank Federal Reserve:—    Janet Yellen.
  14. Win Olympic gold madel :—     Charlotte choper (uk)- tennis single.
  15. Olympic marathon champion:—    Joan Benoit, Los Angles, (1984).
  16. Oscar winner best actress:—     Jant Gaynor (1928).
  17. Tourist in space:—     Mrs Anousheh Ansari.
  18. Nobel prize in Literature:—    Selma Lagerlof.
  19. Nobel prize in Peace:—    Bertha Von Suttner.
  20. Nobel prize in Physics:—     Marie Curie-SK lo dow ska.
  21. Nobel prize in Medicine:—     Gerty Theresa cori.
  22. Nobel prize in Economics:—    Elinor Ostrom.
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