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first woman in india — woman achievers gk

first woman in india gk list —-

  1. First women in india miss world:–   Reita faria.
  2. First women lieutenant general:–   Puneeta arora.
  3. First women air vice marshal:–   Pbandopadhyaya.
  4. First women pilot in indian air force:–   Harita kaur dayal.
  5. First women chairperson in indian airlines:–   Sushma chawla.
  6. First women to receive nobel prize:–   Mother teresa.
  7. First women airline pilot:–   Durga banerjee.
  8. First women in india to receive bharat ratna:–   Mrs indira gandhi.
  9. First women to receive jnanpith award:–   Ashapurna devi.
  10. First women to receive Ashoka chakra:–   Niraj bhanot.
  11. First women to receive asain game gold medal winner:–   Kamaljit sandhu.
  12. First women to receive olympic medal winner:–  karnam malleswari
  13. First women to climb mount everest:–   Bachhendri Pal.
  14. First women to climb mount everest twice:–   Santosh yadev.
  15. First women to cross english channel:–   Arati saha.
  16. First women prime minister:–   Indira gandhi.
  17. First women in india minister in goverment:–   Rajkumari amrit kaur.
  18. First women judge in supreme court:–   Fatima beevi.
  19. First women chief justice of high court:–   Leela seth.
  20. First women president of united nations general assembly:–   Vijaya laxmi pandit.
  21. First women chief minister of an indian state:–   Sucheta kripalani.
  22. First women governor of a state assembly:–   Sarojini Naidu.
  23. First women ambassaddor:–   CB muthamma.
  24. First women chaiman of union public service commission:–   Rose millian bethew.
  25. First women director general in police:–   kanchan c bhattachrya.
  26. First women ips officer:–   Kiran bedi.
  27. First women president of indian national congress:–   Mrs annie besant.
  28. First women judge:–   Anna chandy.
  29. First women Lawyer:–   Cornelia sorabjee.
  30. First women honours graduate:–   Kamini roy.
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