First in world countries of the world miscellaneous important gk


  1. First country to make a constitution:----     United State of America.
  2. First country to appoint Lokpal:----       Sweden.
  3. First asin city to host olympic game:----      Tokya,Japan 1964.
  4. First country print book:----     China.
  5. First country to start paper currency:----    China.
  6. First country to start civil service commission:----     China.
  7. First country to make education compulsory:----     Prussia.
  8. First country win world cup football:----      Uruguay.
  9. First country to organize NAM summit:----      Belgrade.
  10. First country to host modern Olympic:----      Greece.
  11. First country to set radio telescope satellite into space:----     Japan.
  12. Tallest building in the world:----     Burj Khalifa.
  13. First country to ban capital punishment:----     Venezuela.
  14. First country to give constitutional status to animal rights:----     Switzerland.
  15. First country to give voting right to women:----      New Zealand.
  16. First country to set carbon tax:----      New Zeland.
  17. First country to start VAT(value added tax):----       Brazil and Germany.
  18. First country to start plastic currency:----     Australia.
  19. First country to implement family planning:----     China.
  20. First country to sign nuclear agreement with india:----     France.
  21. First country to send human to moon:----     USA.
  22. First space ship landed on mars:----     VIKING-I (July 1976).
  23. First space shuttle launched:----      Columbia.
  24. First city attacked with atom bomb:----     Hiroshima (1930).
  25. First lamb created using DNA from an adult sheep:----     Dolly.
  26. First heart bypass operation by a robot, carried out in:----     Germany.
  27. First cloned human baby:----     Eve.
  28. First religion of the world:----     Sanatan Dharma.
  29. First university of the world:----      Taxila university.
  30. First country that brings out the FIAT:----      Italy.
  31. First country to issue stamps:----      Greate britain.
  32. First space vehicle to land on the moon:----      Luner Exploration Module (LEM) nicknamed 'EAGLE'.
  33. First country to send nuclear powered space craft to explore jupiter:---     USA.
  34. First animated colour cartoon of full feature length:----      Snow white and seven dwarfs.

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