First in the world

  First in the world male

First in the world  male list —–

  1. First secretary-general of united nations:—    Trygve lie (norway).
  2. First UN deputy secretary – general:—    Louise frechette (canada).
  3. First president of united states of america:—    George washington.
  4. First prime minister of greate britain:—    Robert walpole (1715).
  5. First president of the republic of china:—    Dr sun yat-sen (1912).
  6. First pakistani governor general:—    Mohammed ali jinnah.
  7. First american president to visit  india:—    Dwight david eisenhower.
  8. First ethnic-indian prime minister of fiji:—    Mahendra choudhary.
  9. First russain (soviet) prime minister ti visit india:—    Nikolai bulgani8n.
  10. First  european invader of indian soil:—    Alexander , the greate.
  11. First man to go in space:—    Major yuri gagarin (ussr).
  12. First man to fly an aeroplane:—     Wright brothers.
  13. First man to walk in space:—    Alexai leonov (russia).
  14. First man space tourist:—    Dennis tito (usa).
  15. First man to walk in the moon:—    Neil armstrong (usa).
  16. First man to reach north pole:—    Robert perry.
  17. First man to reach south pole:—     Roald amundsen.
  18. First man to climb mount everest:—    Sherpa tenzing norgay and sir edmond hillary (29th may, 1953).
  19. First man to climb mount everest twice:—    Nawang gombu(1965).
  20. First blind man to scale mount everest:—    Erik weihenmayer (25th may,2001)
  21. First person to sail around the world:—    Ferdinand magellan.
  22. First deal and dumb to cross the strait of gadralter:—    Taranath shenoy (india).
  23. First european to visit china:—    Marco polo.
  24. First man draw the map of earth:—    Anexemander.
  25. First man to compile encylopaedia:—     Aspheosis (athens).
  26. First man to win noble prize for literature:—    Sully prudhomme (france).
  27. First man to win noble prize for peace:—      Henry dunant (switzerland) and frederic passy (france).
  28. First man to win noble prize for physics:—    WK roentgen (germany).
  29. First man to win noble prize for chemistry:—    JH wenthoff (holland).
  30. First man to win noble prize for Medicine:—    AE von behring (germany).
  31. First man to win noble prize for economics:—    Ragner frisch (norway) and jan tinbergen (holland).
  32. First and only black man ever to win singles wimbledon trophy:—     Arthur ashe (usa).
  33. First asain to head the international cricket council:—    Jagmohan dalmiya.
  34. First man to hit double century in one day international match:—     Sachin tendulkar (india).
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