First in space missions

First in space missions world gk

First in space missions list here ——-

  1. First creator of rules regarding space research —          Isaac Newton.
  2. FIrst artificial satellite launched in space —                   Sputnik-1(1957).
  3. First living being sent in space —                                      Louika (a dog).
  4. Firstever manned spacecraft —                                          Vostok-1.
  5. First man in space —                                                            Yuri Gagarin u.s.s.r (1961).
  6. First women in Space —                                                      Valentina tereshkova u.s.s.r (June 1963).
  7. First man who moved in space —                                      Alexi Livonov u.s.s.r (June 1965)
  8. Out of the spacecraft —
  9. FIrst person to land on moon —                                        Neil Armstorng, America (21st July, 1969).
  10. First fourwheeled carriage without —                               Leunokhev-l u.s.s.r (1970).
  11. Human being on moon —                                                      Apollo 11’s mission was to land two men on the moon(Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins)
  12. First space lab in orbit —                                                     Skylab (America, 1973).
  13. First space shuttle —                                                             Columbia (Ajmerica, 1981).
  14. First Indian (man) in space —                                             Squadron leader — Rakesh Sharma (13th April, 1984).
  15. First Indian (women) in space —                                       Kalpana Chawla (19th Nov,1997).
  16. First spacecraft on mars —                                                  Sailyride (1983).
  17. First women who lead spacecraft —                                  Allin Collis (America).
  18. First spacecraft without man —                                         Shenzoo. China (20th Nov,1999).

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