first in india gk- miscellaneous important gk for all exam

                    FIRST IN INDIA - MISCELLANEOUS

  1. India's first fighter jet:--   Net.
  2. First telephone line introduced in india:--   1851.
  3. First talkie flim of india:--   Alam Ara.
  4. First battle tank of india:--   arjun.
  5. First satellite of    india:--   Aryabhatta.
  6. The first bank of india:--   Bank of hindustan(1770).
  7. First general post office of india:--   Madras(GPO1786).
  8. India's first plane to be hijacked:--   Fokker friendship plane(1971).
  9. The first indian state to implement the panchayati:--   Rajasthan.
  10. District to become india's first tottaly lectrified district:--   palakkad.
  11. City to have an e-court:--   Ahmedabad.
  12. First indian to win individual olympic gold:--   Abhinav bindra.

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