father of different fields

father of different fields

father of different fields list here —–

  1. Atom Bomb:—–     Dr. Robert Oppenheimer.
  2. Aviation:—–     Sir George Cayley.
  3. Railways:—–      George Stephenson.
  4. Chemistry:—-     Robert Boyle.
  5. Modern Chemistry:—–     Antoine Lavoisier.
  6. Economics:—-      Adam Smith.
  7. Geography:—-      Eratosthenes.
  8. Sociology:—-     Auguste Comte.
  9. Political Science:—-     Aristotle.
  10. Philosophy:—-       Rene Descantes.
  11. Psychology:—-     Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt.
  12. English Poetry:—-     Geoffrey Chaucer.
  13. Greek Tragedy:—-      Aeschylus.
  14. Immunology:—-    Edward Jenner.
  15. Genetics:—-     Gregor Johann Mendel.
  16. Biology:—-     Aristotle.
  17. Microbiology:—-     Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch.
  18. Anatomy:—-     Andreas Vesalius.
  19. Nuclear Physics:—–     Ernest Rutherford
  20. Modern Physics:—-     Galileo Galilei.
  21. Sanskrit Grammer:—-     Panini.
  22. Geometry:—-     Euclid.
  23. Mathematics:—-      Archimedes.
  24. Internet:—-     Vinton Cerf.
  25. Robotics:—-   Al-Jazari.
  26. Computers:—-     Charles babbage.
  27. Artificial Intelligence:—-     Jhon mc Carthy.
  28. Modern Observational Astronomy :—-     Galileo Galilei.
  29. Science :—-     Galileo Galilei.
  30. Modern Science:—-     Galileo Galilei.
  31. Indian nuclear Science:—-     Homi Jehangir Bhabha.
  32. Nanotechnology:—-     Richard Errett Smalley.
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