famous battles and Indian wars

famous battles and Indian wars

famous battles and Indian wars (War /  Year /  Result )

  1. Battle of Kalinga (261 B.C.) —-   Ashoka defeated the king of Kalinga.
  2. Second battle of Tarain (1192 A.D.) —-   Muhammad Gori defeated Prithviraj Chauhan.
  3. panipat war 1 (1526 A.D.) —-  Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodi.
  4. Battle of Khanwa (1527 A.D.) —-  Babar defeated Rana Sanga.
  5. Battle of Chausa (1539 A.D.) —-   Shershah Suri defeated Humayun and became ruler of Delhi.
  6. panipat war 2  (1556 A.D.) —-  Akbar defeated Hemu.
  7. talikota war (1565 A.D.) —-  Allied forces of Bijapur, Baldar, Golkunda.
  8. Battle of Haldighati (1576 A.D.) —-  Rana Pratap Was defeated by Akbar.
  9. plassey battle (1557 A.D.) —-  British forces defeated Nawab of Bengal Sirajdoulla.
  10. Battle of Wandiwash (1760 A.D.) —-  British forces defeated the French.
  11. Third battle of Panipat (1761 A.D.) —-   Maratha  defeated by Ahmad Shah Abadali.
  12. Battle of Buxar (1764 A.D.) —-  British forces defeated the combined forces of Mir Quasim, Shah Alam Mughal empire and Awadh’s Nawab.
  13. Third Anglo-Maratha War (1792 A.D.) —-   Maratha were conclusively defeated.
  14. Fourth Anglo-Mysore war (1799 A.D.) —-   Tipu Sultan died fighting British forces.
  15. Second Anglo-Sikh war (1848 A.D.) —-   British forces annexed Punjab from Sikh rulers.
  16. Indo-China War (1962 A.D.) —-    China Attacked India unilaterally and annexed some area.
  17. Indo-Pak war (1965 A.D.) —-    Pakistan attacked India but had to suffer severe setback.
  18. Indo-Pak War (1971 A.D.) —-    Pak declare war against India.
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